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Evaluating Crucial Opportunities for New Business Venture

Featured image by Mary Eiloha Varquez Let’s assume you have found a great opportunity for starting a new business. How should you evaluate it? Or, perhaps more importantly, how will a potential investor or business specialist rates your chances of success? The odds of survival appear to be stacked against you, because according to small […]

E-Commerce on Mobile Internet – make money off your mobile phone

E-commerce these days is rapidly growing. Social networks to mention, people are creating pages on facebook, or even you as well, that would promote, expose and sell their products to various facebook users. While on twitter, they repeatedly tweet, hourly, their business and product offerings. I run into this idea while reading the Manila Bulletin’s […]

How to Make Your Own Special Peanut Butter

“Merienda” or before or after meal snacks is a normal routine to Filipino culture. It may be morning, afternoon, midnight snack or sometimes right after meal snacks, just like me. And, the usual “merienda” we Filipinos always prepare is sandwich – loaf bread or “pandesal” with a sandwich spread. We tend to just buy sandwich […]

10 Reasons to Small Business Venture

Featured image by Mary Eiloha Varquez Opening a small business is an additional profit, challenge and responsibility for you. You might be wondering “why take risk in putting up my own business?”, and I say there are several reasons why you must start your own small business venture. Yes, you might have a stable job […]