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Methods in Choosing a Business

Choosing the right business is the first step to entreprenuerial success and this goes beyond ones personality. This can be as crucial as selecting your course in college, or in a university. It’s not simply picking one that interests you, it’s choosing one that fits your best interests, personality and budget. According to severeal studies […]

7 Pitfalls To Avoid When Starting A Home Business

Time and time again people believe they can start up a home business with little planning or research. The ending result is a failed online home business within a month or less. Here are 7 aspects to avoid when conducting your home business.1. Not researching the market – When you start an online home business, […]

Staff Leasing, remote staffing and Offshore Outsourcing in the Philippines

Staff leasing or commonly called offshore outsourcing is now a modern practice by todays modern business especially those from small scale to medium scale businesses in busy countries like Canada and USA. This practice enable these companies to focus more on the more crucial part of their business and set aside the technical aspects that […]

From rags to riches simply selling home made cakes!

I just wanted to share this to you, hoping it might inspire readers from putting their own businesses. I’ve known a guy who had a hard time getting finances to fund his study. He was a few years older than me. Her mom sells pan cakes and rice cakes on a bus terminal where I […]