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The Challenge: Build a Passive Income before retirement comes

Have you ever thought about your future, say 20 or 30 years from now?  Would you like to live your retirement years in comfort & dignity? Think about this — Will you be one of the 2% that when you reach the age of 50 up, you’d be living a very comfortable life, that you will […]

Money Summit & Wealth Expo 2011 – Learn how to earn massive passive income

Looking for ways how to earn massive passive income? Interested in making a little more money, or even build your own wealth so you could quit your job, retire, or simply provide your family a better lifestyle? Money Summit & Wealth Expo 2011 will help you discover new opportunities! If you haven’t yet signed up […]

What investors need to understand before buying a franchise

Franchising has been one of the most popular growth strategy for most small businesses which generated a lot of successful names in the industry. Most franchises are successful since the system itself creates synergy. Businesses working together under one brand or trademark can achieve exponential growth due to leveraged advertising, buying power and fast growth. […]

Secrets to Attaining Wealth

Why is it that even with hard work, most people still don’t end up rich? Why is it that even after years of work dedication, we still end up poor? Why is it that rich people suffer set backs like bankruptcy, but still end up rich? Is there a secret formula to attaining and retaining […]

Power of basic cashflow

I know most people at least in the Philippines do their own CashFlows to know how to spend and how much they are earning. But i found most people especially employees are not practicing these simple self money improvement strategies. I am not an accountant myself, and i hated my accounting class, i never liked […]

From rags to riches simply selling home made cakes!

I just wanted to share this to you, hoping it might inspire readers from putting their own businesses. I’ve known a guy who had a hard time getting finances to fund his study. He was a few years older than me. Her mom sells pan cakes and rice cakes on a bus terminal where I […]