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How to Find the Best Location for Your Business

Business location is the single most important thing you do at start up. People might always tell you that you must find the best location because your location will speak for your success. Why? Without proper research and assessment you might end-up a failure. You might have the perfect product idea, the best suppliers for […]

How to Name Your Business Idea?

In many ways the work of choosing a name looks easy. You may just pick any word that depicts your business but your name can never be attractive and effective without proper analysis. That is why you must consider several factors for your business to have a memorable name. Everything matters, so let’s get in […]

How to Make Your Own Beef Tacos

Taco is one of the popular traditional adopted from Mexican foods that we enjoy. Learn how to make it on your own! Step 1: what you will need are: Meat filling ingredients 1 kg ground beef 1 cup vegetable oil 1 tsp finely chopped garlic 1 tsp finely ground black pepper ½ cup chopped onions […]

How to Build a Long-term Relationship with Your Team Members

Aspiring to develop your business into bigger enterprise? Of course, we all do, and it’s a systematic way of success. While managing your sales and marketing, cash flow, inventories, then, simultaneously manage your team members and build a long-term relationship with them. Yes, of course, you wouldn’t like having a hard time frequently looking for […]

How to Make Your Own Special Peanut Butter

“Merienda” or before or after meal snacks is a normal routine to Filipino culture. It may be morning, afternoon, midnight snack or sometimes right after meal snacks, just like me. And, the usual “merienda” we Filipinos always prepare is sandwich – loaf bread or “pandesal” with a sandwich spread. We tend to just buy sandwich […]

How to Conduct Your Marketing Study?

Analyzing your market is not as simple as identifying your consumers. Your purpose of market analysis is to thoroughly acquaint yourself with all aspects of your market so that you can formulate a plan to capture a share of it. This includes your target market, general market description, demand determinants, factors affecting your market, demand […]

How to Determine Essential Buying Needs of Your Consumers – a Key to Success

Why do people buy? Or let me put it this way, ask yourself, “Why do I buy?” Needs, life requirements, wants and desires are the reason why we purchase certain stuffs. When people buy your products (product means tangible and/or intangible), this means that your sales will eventually increase, and then your profit will as […]

How to Make a Country Style Steak, Eggs and Fries – Making Difference on Your Mini Resto

What gives? What gives people pause and effectively starts them from thinking something new or different on their business? Beyond rationalization and effective strategy to outperform your competitors, agree? And now, I have targeted you – a food business enthusiast. If you are looking for a recipe that you have not cooked yet on your […]

How to Position your Business – Chasing your Customers towards Success! (Part III)

Reading this means you have read the first and second part of this article. But, if not, check on the second part of this article, “How to Position your Business – Chasing your Customers towards Success!(Part II)”. And for this part, I am providing you several criteria to shore up the differentiations in positioning strategy […]

How to Position your Business – Chasing your Customers towards Success! (Part II)

Hey! Welcome back on the second part of my “How to Position your Business – Chasing your Customers towards Success!” article. But, if you were not able to read the first one, check out my previously written “How to Position your Business – Chasing your Customers towards Success!(Part I)” article and, I might help and […]