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A Simplified Guide To Encouraging Autonomy In The Workplace

Dan Pink, author of the best-selling book “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us,” identified the three ingredients for boosting workplace productivity and motivation: Autonomy Mastery Purpose We have made significant progress in the last two. Today’s organizations provide ample training opportunities to help their people attain mastery, and they also help workers establish […]

Why BGC is the Best Location for an Office Space

The location of an office space is a factor in an employee’s decision making. More than the salary and career growth, you should have an office space that’s accessible to your employees. This is crucial because not it will only consume time, but it will also affect employee productivity and energy. Bonifacio Global City or […]

Your Day Job Can Teach You About Being an Entrepreneur

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not about luck. You need a solid foundation in business in order to make the right business moves and make substantial decisions. Some entrepreneurs think that they can learn these things as they go along. While there is truth to this way of thinking, it is also quite dangerous. You’re […]

Starting a business? You Don’t Really Need to Quit Your Job

Starting and operating a business AND working on a nine-to-five job is a huge challenge for anyone. These are two demanding and very important responsibilities and juggling them is not for the faint-hearted. Handling work and a business can be very difficult but it is not impossible. If you think what you’re doing is quite […]

Five Easiest Ways to Recycle Rubber!

Rubber is a very valuable mineral, which is used to make several useful items. Even a scrapped rubber can serve variant purposes effectively. But, disposing a rubber product is never an easy task. Although, one way is to put them in the garage, but it’s not a cool idea as it consumes a lot of […]

How NFC (Near Field Communication) Can Help Small Businesses Accept More Payments

Near Field Communications technology is basically a close proximity radio communications ability that can be built into small devices like smart phones and point of sale terminals as well as into “tagged” objects that contain an NFC chip which allows them to communicate with a Near Filed enables device of some kind. The technology itself […]

Differences of Women and Men Entrepreneur

People couldn’t go away with the question, “How do women differ from men entrepreneur?” Some prefers men, but women would as well raise their flags. You will see different successful entrepreneurs around – various men and women, both are great entrepreneurs. I have been hearing, “men are better on this… and women are better on […]

Dog Hobby and Care that could Turn into a Business Venture

Since childhood I’ve been loving dogs, and they were my playmates before. I remember when I was a kid our family owns an “askal” as our house guard. It isn’t bad, they were sweet and really good house guard and it’s the most popular dog kind in the Philippines, since it doesn’t cost high or […]

What Business Would You Start with Your 1M Pesos?

Have you ever wondered wining instantly one million pesos? If not, why not envision right now winning instantly one million cash. Wow, winning that much at once is a great deal. Some may dream on winning the lotto pot price, some may just dream on winning 10k or a little bit higher, but no matter […]

Business Opportunity with Recycled Displays and Giveaways

People nowadays aggressively stress out themselves to start their own business without enough financial requirements. Yes, this is people’s most predicament that prevents us to start our own business even with great skills. And, I say you may start your own business with very little or even zero capital. But, is it really possible to […]