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There were many times when i am trying to find information to setting up a business, but trying to research around asking people and scavenging the net is more than time consuming. So i decided to create this blog, and a forum for Small Business Owners in the Philippines to have a place to discuss and share information.

I hope this online facility will mutually benefit small business owners weather you are an online or offline entrepreneur, consultant or aspiring to own your business. It is also my aim to provide a center for small business resources, links to most useful information and tools used to attain certain requirements.

This website aims to provide articles, tips and information that are useful on most business owners, and start-ups.

We also welcome articles, in fact we encourage you to share your business articles with us, to help other people looking for such information or aspire them to continue their journey in the business world.

should you want to submit for publishing, please send your articles via email to support [ AT ] smallbizph [ dot ] com.

What are your business ideas? We want to hear from you…


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  1. al vista says:

    ofw ako dito sa china bilang isang automechanic,balak kong mag umpisa nga isang maliit na merchandise store jan sa maynila.may mga kaibigan akong chinese na handang tumulong sa akin habang akoy nagtratrabaho dito.nais ko lang na malaman ang mga pagpa-process ng items galing ditosa china.wala pa kasi akong ideya pagdating sa costoms,dti at marami pang iba.ang balak kong negosyo ay ang mga goods na galing dito o prudokto dito sa china.akoy lubos na nagpapasalamat sa iyong payo at higit sa lahat dito sa website mo.

  2. dhundee says:

    i’ve thought about such a business before about importing small cute items produced in Korea and reselling them here in the Philippines, it was when i am short in my finances so i decided not to proceed.

    the idea is quite good, for you to start with, think about registering your company first in Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), getting a registration is easy. you can even have someone do it for you. You need to sign the registration form and attach some latest photos of you, You may want to have some friends to get the necessary form from DTI and mail them to you to sign and attach the photos. If you have a wife, or brother or someone you can trust the most for your business. You can simply have him/her fill up and sign the documents it’s easier and you won’t have to sign it. yun nga lang sia na nakapangalan sa business registration.
    From there, you would have a good clear understanding where to proceed next, like getting a small office or declare your residence (start as a home based business, it’s how i started anyway).

    Regarding Customs, and importing, i believe you don’t need to talk to customs yourself, doing so might cause you more trouble and time consuming. May mga businesses na naghahandle nyan, they are called freight forwarders or logistics company. Try hunting some that might interest you, and don’t just hunt one, hunt as many as you can and research about their history, and credibility, you don’t want to risk your products on some fuzzy forwarder don’t you? just invest a few time researching and hunting a good forwarder, look at their client base and make sure they can respond to you as quick as possible. Befriend them as they will become your business partners.
    i like your concept, wish you success on it.

    btw, i’ll be creating a topic on the forums regarding this your inquiry so members may also reply if they have some ideas for your business. you may want to register and visit the forums.

  3. pinoyako says:

    Im interested with the idea.

    Anong mga products from China ba ang sinasabi ni Al Vista? Maybe Al Vista can
    contact me for somekind of a small business


  4. Mayet says:

    hi there,

    I don’t know how to begin with but first of all I am an OFW quite long time ago. I have never been successful in applying a job so I need your help.

    I want to have a simple and small business but the problem is I don;t have capital to start with.

    Can you give an advise? I don;t have have any idea also what kind of business should I need to start.

    Hoping for your prompt reply. I really want to have a business but I can;t move because I am financial tight up right now.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Have a nice day!

  5. I was on the same situation as you when I first started out doing my one career, starting with actually zero income. the hard task is finding what is best for you.

    There are quite a lot of things you need to think first before deciding to start up. First is to really think about the level of confidence you have yourself. Although sounds absurd and can lead you to a lot of failures. but hey, it’s the risk that counts.

    I was once being convinced by a group to invest in their products, and what made me smile is the impact of how they convince people.

    “Do you wanna get rich?”

    of course! well, of course everyone would say so. come to think of the next line.

    “Do you have the courage?”
    “are you disciplined enough?”

    Doing a business really takes a lot of these, specially those that aren’t really gifted. like me.

    a strong motivation, and fighting spirit flavoured with discipline will someday bring you fortune, there will be lot’s of challenges, heart breaking obstacles… but hey! all these will mold you into a strong business person.

    how’d you wanted to start anyway?
    and the good question is “have you already though of what your future business will be?

    good luck!

  6. dimples says:

    hi! i just happened to surf the internet for some sources about beginning a small business.. i really want to start my own business, yet i don’t have any idea on how to start and what kind of business to venture into…
    i hope i could get information from you guys!…thanks!

  7. kristine says:

    Hi I’m Kristine,

    Lately, I’ve been pondering my thoughts to somehow start even a small business. Currently, I am employed and basically well compensated. Have the opportunity to save enough money but my long term goal really is to run my own business. I know I could manage well but my only concern is that i don’t have much time to spare for a business since i am employed.
    Can I ask for a business which will not require much of my time? Thank you

  8. Sheila says:

    i live in belgium at the present time and planning to have a small business in the philippines… a coin operated laundry machines. anyone who knows where to purchase these machines in the philippines?

  9. floremae fleming says:

    hi i am floremae a filipino i live here in abroad and its my first time to visit this site, my husband is a british and we’ve been planning to have a – small limo business ownership and these are the list of question that i am hoping u will know the answer;
    1. Can a foreigner register a small business
    2. Can a foreigner own a small business
    3. If there is a %age Filipino to foreigner ownership what would that be 50% and 50%?
    4. Do business vehicles (Limo’s – private cars not stretch limos) have to be registered as a public service vehicle?
    5.If so how?
    6. Is there a minimum capital required to be inc\vested at the start of a small business for e\registration purposes?

    yours truly,

    floremae fleming

  10. Ian says:

    I am an Australian interested in starting a new business in the Philipines and would like to know where to start, I have an idea and know that I will need a premise and will need funds so that I can get staff trained and to purchase equipment but first of all what do I need to start a business there.


  11. rj adamos says:

    Anyone who wants to start a business with a small capital? Message me. I have a proposal for you! 09176479969. Thanks!

  12. lampel says:

    hi rj,

    i’m interested, please email me your proposal.

  13. hope tayo says:

    hi rj,
    I want to find out if your proposal is feasible with the current resources that I have. Please email me with your proposal. Best regards!

  14. THEEICON says:

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  15. THEEICON says:

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  16. Cris says:

    hi rj,
    I’m intersted to know the businees. Please email me with your proposal.

    God bless!

  17. vhim says:

    Hi rj,

    I’m interested in a business can you send your proposal. Thank’s!

  18. hi everyone,

    I’m William and I’m in a travel and tours business, I’m new in this business maybe somebody who wants to share something strategies who knows in this type of business.


  19. hi! Everyone knows that selling baby products is the best business in the Phils as a. we love kids and b. we will never stop having kids. I have a business in Sydney, I make baby hands and feet sculptures and frame them as a memento of their babyhood. My website is: I offer training for this profession here in Syd or I can come to Phils at client’s expense plus training fee. I have trained people here in Australia and Malaysia- people who are interested in having a home-based and flexible business. This is better than buying a franchise as you are free to do what you want with your business, you don’t have to pay royalty and monthly fees and all your profit is yours! On top, you can start building your own franchise! I love my business as it’s very flexible and unlike food business, there is no wastage and if you’re in Phils, unlike exporting-importing business, you don’t have to bear the customs’ hassles. Email me if interested: Visit my website for my product photos. Salamat!

  20. farzin says:

    hello guys,im farzin ,i just want to let you know i have a good business for sale, why im selling that coz im student and i cant manage it any more and also i need cash but i im sure its good business for those people they can work full time i paid 85000k for that but im selling 69000(neg)its brand new ice-cream machine with a free cart and free box of cone ,for more information just check this site thanks alot

  21. beth says:

    Some people want to start their business by buying goods from China and Korea and reselling them in the Philippines but don’t you think this does not benefit the Philippine economy? In my opinion, it should be the other way around. We should be the ones selling our goods to China, Korea or Japan. There will be more benefits for our country.Selling philippine made products will spur manufacturing and employment.

  22. Interesting business…Proposal Please. Thank’s!

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