How Filipino Teachers Can Earn Money From Lesson Plans

Filipino teachers are some of the hardest working teachers in the world. Despite the low pay they are getting they continue to work hard and strive to become the best teachers for their students. They toil day and night to prepare their lessons for their beloved students.

What if there is a marketplace where Filipino teachers can share their lesson plans and other instructional resources to other Filipino teachers?

What if Filipino teachers can sell their lesson plans to new teachers and earn from their lesson plans?


Definitely, this is a new opportunity to teachers.

According to Aaron Jed Tumbali, a teacher from St. Mary’s College, “This site is very interesting. The idea of selling lesson plans is new in Philippine education. This is an innovation that will put our education to a more globalized system. I believe that this site will open new opportunities for teachers. It will increase our awareness on the current trends in education. Let’s make this site a virtual place where knowledge and expertise are being shared to one another.”

There is an upcoming website that gives teachers the opportunity to sell and buy lesson plans. This website will help teachers not only to earn from the fruits of their labor but to be recognized as well by their fellow teachers. Once registered, Filipino teachers can upload their lesson plans and sell them online, interact with their colleagues, share tips and strategies that will enhance their knowledge and expertise. Its facebook fan page is

Teachers can practice their profession and become entrepreneurs as well. Teaching and Earning need not exclude each other.




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