Motivating and Rewarding Stressed Top Performers

Choosing the right person for a certain position isn’t that easy, it will take your time, effort and risk because they are as well your investment, they are company’s key to achieving its goals and objectives. They handle your supplies, equipment, people and everything in your company, and more importantly they provide you wise strategies and solutions following various business issues and dilemmas.

There are various people seeking job in your company yet, top performers are hard to find. Their ability and skills aren’t that easy to determine in a matter of hours or days. So, losing them would just mean losing your chances to succeed. Why risk your people when you could actually do something to retain them. Following are several ways to motivate and reward your top performers especially in stressful and de-motivating situations.

  1. Systematic and organize “culture”. Organizational culture is one of the most important factors that may affect the attitude and behavior of your top performers. It’s vital that affects the way your people interact with the clients and stakeholders, how information flow within the organization, the freedom in decision-making, development of new or innovative ideas and personal expression, and the extent and strength of employee commitment to the company. That’s why there must be clearly defined goals, objectives, written or unwritten rules, written contracts, and many other that must be followed in order to be organized and consistent. Specifically, clearly defined goals and objectives should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based. This will be your top performers’ roadmap that motivate them, so when achieved, they feel a sense of accomplishment which is a great reward for their hard-work.  They will be committed to it which is critical to retaining your top performers. So, when a company’s goals and objectives weren’t clearly defined, it may stress your top performers and will be thinking of getting out of your zone. Watch out carefully for this.
  2. “Tap in the shoulder”. Praise is a vital tool to motivate and reward your top performers. Praise your team members for every successful job they’ve done or for every improvement they make.  A simple “congratulations”, “job well done” or “good job” personally in front of others could give them heartwarming feeling that motivates them to work harder and achieve better results. “Tap in the shoulder” as well could be a simple reward for people who aren’t really motivated with monetary incentives. There are individual who actually work hard not just to earn but to achieve self-confidence and self-fulfillment. They wanted to be the best of their own field of potential. So, make sure to realize the needs of your top performers, because people have different needs and motivation.
  3. Always respect and appreciate. Always give your top performers respect and appreciation. As they say, “if you want respect, give respect”. If you want smooth flow of relationship, appreciate them. Respect and gratitude is very important to top performers. They work hard and provide you results at their best, so they deserve your respect and appreciation. Talk, listen and instruct them with respect and when they give you what you want or even work beyond your expectations, appreciate them. Never stop giving your respect and appreciation. This is vital for the success of your company. When an organization is full with respect and appreciation, even with the most stressful times, not just between you and your top performers but you become a great example to foster respect and gratitude around you. Your top performers would as well give respect and appreciation to their co-workers, and who knows the team members who aren’t top performers could be one of the top performers this time. All these won’t just ensure motivation but they become grateful even with the most stressful times and they will absolutely feel relax and comfortable working.
  4. Trust and train them to be leader. There are people who work effectively and efficiently when you leave them alone to do the work. They hate being dictated or nagged. Once you’ve given the instructions clearly, let them make it on their own and wait for them since they will be the one showing you the results. This kind of individuals are more likely to succeed, they hate errors, delays, and failures because they work hard and careful. The more you trust them, the more they work hard, achieve the best results and the more they get motivated doing the work.
  5. Approach them positively. Positive approach fosters positive aura and smooth relationship with each other. In an organization good relationship makes good transactions and smooth flow of information. This is necessary, top performers are still humans and may commit mistakes. They aren’t perfect. So whether they committed mistakes or forgets something, talk to them positively. As they say, there are always better ways to say things.
  6. Join and educate them. Work with your top performers, while sharing the things that you know. Working with them would as well imply equal treatment and rights. Top performers don’t want their knowledge to stay as it is. They are hungry for more knowledge and eager to grow. By acquiring more knowledge, they strongly build their self-confidence and self-fulfillment, which is very critical to top performers. Provide them with scheduled seminars, workshops or on-line classes that may stimulate more their intelligence. All these don’t only ensure education and growth but mold them into better and valuable team members.

Rewarding your team members comes in different ways, depending on the employee’s interest. Some are motivated with monetary incentive, some with out of the country trips or spa services while some are highly motivated with proper acknowledgement and praise. Whatever their motivations are, make sure to carefully uncover it. Learn what makes your top performers happy and never forget to reward them in return for their hard-work. Remember, top performers aren’t easy to find, they are rare pearls that must be treasured.




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