What Motivates Thriving Entrepreneurs?

There are various entrepreneurs out there who are struggling to bring business idea or product while others seem to be able to do it effortlessly. Some to mention are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and many other business magnates who achieved a legendary level of success with their own field of specialization. However, there are various remarkable business enthusiasts around who may not achieve the same level of success yet remain highly profitable as well.

Businesses come and go, entrepreneurs succeed and fail as well, but how do many entrepreneurs succeed despite of the countless failures. The greatest challenge an entrepreneur faces is to figure out how to rekindle initial desire, passion and dedication that fueled their sole idea primarily to achieve the highest human need. According to Maslow there are five (5) levels of needs that we need to achieve in order to be the most complete individual we can be. Not just simply to satisfy ourselves but to fill self-confidence and achieve the greatest long-term happiness that will complete the whole “us”.

Maslow said that self-actualization can only be achieved once the four lower levels of needs have been satisfied. Primarily we satisfy our (1) basic needs – food, clothing and shelter, then our (2) need for safety and security, our (3) need for love and belonging, our need for (4) self-esteem and finally our need for (5) self-actualization.

Wealth is one that entrepreneurs are pursuing in order to achieve the first two levels of needs – basic needs and safety and security needs. But wealth alone isn’t enough to achieve love and belongingness, self-esteem and self-actualization.

Entrepreneurs are working hard not just to achieve wealth but our greatest desire of happiness and honor. Some may think that being wealthy is equivalent to happiness and honor. The term happiness has broad significance and it’s incomparable with anyone’s joy. Essentially, wealth can never be equal to achieving happiness and honor. Sources of it can come from anywhere or can come from anyone, which satisfies the need for love and belongingness and may even satisfy our self-esteem.

Honor on the other hand is integrity in one’s beliefs and actions. We all wanted to be respected, recognized and be proud of what we have achieved. We wanted to be seen as a valuable person, an important human being. Honor drives us to work hard and risk something at a highest level of expectations that would make us successful and more importantly gain self-confidence.

Entrepreneurs do what they do because they genuinely enjoy it. They get motivated with the focus to work on something because it’s interesting, engaging, stimulating, gratifying or challenging on a personal level. And, enjoying what you’re doing could make things easily and attainable.

Entrepreneurs risk their time, effort and money eagerly to attain their maniacal level of ambition in the defense and discovery of the new. It is as well their ambition that will put them in the position over persistence, happiness and excitement. Again, each and every one of us has unique self-thought ambition. No one can control and dictate our dreams and goals in life and what we love to do. It’s our own judgment that motivates us and will make us succeed.

Attaining wealth, happiness, honor, excitement and ambition only sums up self-actualization. And, self-actualization is the primary motivation that drives any entrepreneur to risk everything they have for their initial venture. Self-actualization is the continuous desire to fulfill potentials; to become the most complete “you”. And, it’s an avid need that becomes stronger the more you fill it.



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