Home-made Products for a Business Venture

Why home-made products for the win? Some starting entrepreneurs would start their products on their own. Then, to test their market they will share it to their family until it reaches their relatives, friends and colleagues. Your families and friends are your best market tester because they will provide you helpful and efficient feedbacks about your product. They would as well be your best salesperson. If they liked your products they will absolutely recommend it to their own family, relatives and friends.

Photo Courtesy of Melanie Guzman-Gumpic

I remember one time when a friend of mine posted her home-made blueberry cheesecake on her facebook and it caught my attention. Of course out of my curiosity, I ordered some of her home-made blueberry cheesecake. It is affordable and she told me that she priced it according to the cost of the ingredients used since she loves doing it. She didn’t expect that by posting it to facebook, her friends and colleagues didn’t just liked it but even order some of it voluntarily.  Now, she is getting more orders from several of her friends and colleagues, nice deal right? I won’t be surprised if she would offer more cakes and have her own cakes and pastries shop in the near future.

Photo Courtesy of Melanie Guzman-Gumpic

This friend of mine I’m talking about owns a Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera. And, she is working and improving her photography skills at the same time. I can say because every time we had events she always brought her DSLR Camera to document our event. When we also planned to have our culminating celebration, of course hiring of a photographer was one of our plans; she volunteered herself so we don’t have to bother spending money on it. She documented perfectly our event that she even sets up a photo booth, handled the event’s decorations and flower arrangements. What can I say? Now, she could already venture into a “party organizing services”.

Photo Courtesy of Younique Shoppe

I also happen to meet this lady which eventually became my friend, who has several businesses. Her family owns Buko Express and manages several branches, she sells high end perfumes and make-ups, she is also a dealer of v-mobile, and she is making her very own creations of clay accessories as well – earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Her clay accessories are home-made products that she makes it on her own. They are gorgeous and colorful. You get to enjoy doing trendy accessories and you earn from it.

One big opportunity is if you could tailor your own design of garments and start to build your own brand. Again start doing it with your friends so you could acquire feedbacks for development and innovations. Make your own style and creative shirts, dress, toppers, pants, hats, etc. Especially so that people nowadays seeks for distinctive creations. People are receptive to new ideas and designs. Whenever they see something new, they would usually try it out and when they find it with quality and worthy of their money, they will probably patronize and recommend it to others. And, remember recommendations works effectively.

How about you? What is your home-made product?


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