Lighten Up Your Business and Be a Better Boss

We wanted our employees to work at their best – efficiently and effectively. You might have high expectations but be fair, every individual is different. Understanding well the human behavior in your organization is the best tool in keeping them on the track. Remember, people may not just be satisfied with money or any material incentives. According to studies, employees with high job satisfaction are those who would always have the “tap of the shoulder” from their boss. Being an unreasonable jerk is not the solution for having your employees perform at their best. To avoid crossing the line here are some tips for you to be a better boss.


  1. Appreciate different work styles and schemes. Be clear about the outcomes and give definite instructions and details about your preferred results, but always let your people do the work of how they wanted it to be done, your employees surely have their own way of getting their assigned task done. They would make their job at a unique way and you let them enjoy it as well. All you have to do is trust them. You hired and trained them, then expect them to be competent.
  2. Give your employees a sense of purpose and direction. You must give your people reason to care. You are at the business to serve a need – make sure your people understand that well. Make them understand complete details about your business – your products and services. Let them know your short-term and long-term objectives so they could set their own objectives in dealing with their work and making it better. In this way, you may be able to unleash every employee’s creativity of achieving your goals – you might be surprised of how they get it done. Clarifying the importance of what your people do helps them stay focused and committed, even with great demands.
  3. Give Rewards and Recognition. You must conduct regular performance reviews and be sure to acknowledge when expectations have been met or exceeded. Tap on the shoulder would be good.  It may be a simple “good job” remarks in front of the team for hitting a tough deadline or landing a big client. Or, you may establish “employee of the month” together with some perks. It may also come as no surprise that happy people tend to perform better at work. Talk and listen to them personally without distraction, show them you appreciate what they did. You might even ask how he made it and they might discuss important matters helpful to your organization. Recognizing a job well done enhances motivation and commitment.
  4. Respect your people. Regardless of great demands, treat your people with respect and dignity. Listen to them. Who says leadership is a one way communication? Listening is important in getting positive atmosphere to your organization. You might be uncovering great potential from it. And next, welcome their ideas. While you retain a final say from you people, you encourage them to take an active role in coming up with ideas and plans. Having a say on plans and ideas could be motivating. Finally, if your people committed mistake, while it takes courage to tell the truth, make it a point to deliver something that don’t devastate them. My brother once told me, there is always a better way to say things. Avoid destructive communication such as screaming and insults – it would just worsen the situation. Talking to your people calmly would cater understanding, positive outlook and respect. Reckless actions would just damage productivity and will likely cause you trouble retaining your best employees.

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