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I have seen many handicraft shops but I never seen someone selling handicrafts accessories or service making customized handicrafts. If available, only with limited items and designs. What do I mean? If you are fun of making such things, just like me, I am fun of making crocheted items – coin purse, cell phone bags, pouches, etc., why not use this and venture into business.

I got this idea from “The Encyclopedia of Needlecrafts” book that I have been using for countless times to create various items out of my spare time. So, here’s my point, why not start a business, or if you have your own, add and offer crochet, knitted, patches, cross-stitch and other needlework techniques items for a change.

Crochet works; photo by the author

Crochet and Knitting

Crochet and knitting are an amazing ways of creating unique and trendy items with just a hook and yarn. And, the basic stitches we know can be adapted to various uses and eccentric materials. Here are some tips on what items you could make out of your hook, yarn and creativity.

  1. Coin purse, cell phone bags and pouches – these are similar in patterns, it would only vary to sizes, designs and yarns you prefer to use and make.
  2. Baby blanket – Your unconventional baby blanket would brighten any nursery and could make it a perfect present for a baby.
  3. Bags – Bags could always be created trendy for your holiday get away, and you could make different kinds of bags according to your preference.
  4. Coasters and Placemat – Yes, make a stylish pairs of coasters and placemats that would brighten your dining table.
  5. Scarf – Make a scarf and accessorize yourself.
  6. Rugs – Crochet and knitting are one good ways to create your presentable and classy rugs.

What other items can you think of?

picture courtesy of "The Encyclopedia of Needlecrafts"



Patchwork is good way of creating classy personal items. Here’s the catch, you could start your small business forming patchwork from cloth and garments scraps. So, lift your butt, scavenge your closet and your storeroom, and you might find some cloth and garment scraps that you may use.

To refresh your mind, patchwork is a form of needlework that involves sewing together your pieces of fabric into various larger designs from different sizes and shapes. It’s easy, inexpensive and creative right? So, what are we waiting for, let’s get it on! Be creative and make your own patchwork:

  1. Cushion and pillow case
  2. Bed sheet, blanket and quilt
  3. Table cloth and mats
  4. Rugs
  5. Bags
  6. Pin cushion
  7. Baby booties and mittens
  8. Stuff toys
  9. Book cover
  10. Frame 
  11. Accessory box

Cross stitch

Cross stitch is easy, enjoying and stylish work and design you could make. The good thing about this is, it isn’t only for displays, and instead you could create useful items from it, offer some and add to your list of small business venture ideas. This might work for you. Refer from my above mentioned items and create your own cross stitch styles and designs as well.

Establishing your own small business is not as easy as you think, but with passion and creativity, everything is possible. You must plan and think a thousand times before starting your own business so you could avoid failure. However, as they say, “fail a thousand times and succeed a million times”.

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