China Controlling Several Philippine Business Operations

What’s with us? China keeps on rebuking several business operations in Philippines due to Philippines and China aggressively claiming Scarborough Shoal in South China Sea.

I have watched several news update on TV, and while reading the newspaper, Manila Bulletin stated on their report that:

Several travel agencies in China have suspended tour packages to the Philippines after the Chinese government warned its nationals to stay off Philippines streets ahead of a protest rally in front of its embassy in Makati City today.

According to Maria Victoria Jasmin, Undersecretary for Tourism Regulation, Coordination and Resource Generation, China ranks 4th in the Philippines top tourism market which makes them one of the important markets of the country. But

As of yesterday, 10 tour groups consisting of 25 to 75 tourists have already canceled as well as over a hundred chartered flights from Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Chinese authorities have also increase inspections around Scarborough Shoal Territory which make most Fishermen near the place to stay off and to use the rich resources of Scarborough Shoal. One fishermen interviewed on the news update of GMA news said:

Natatakot na po kaming pumalaot dahil maraming nagbabantay na Chinese Navy at minsan na rin naming nasaksihan ang gulo ng Chinese Navy at Philippine Navy.

Fishermen feared to continue fishing in Scarborough Shoal due to the strict watch out of Chinese and Philippine Navy, although the both parties doesn’t prohibit them to go fishing, but fear grow in Filipino fishermen near the place, thinking that they might encounter an ongoing riot between the two parties.

Moreover, Manila Bulletin stated:

In another indication that Beijing is applying the economic squeeze on the Philippines, China’s food safety watchdog has ordered stiffer inspections of banana, pineapples, and other fruit imported from the Philippines.

Philippines have been one of the China’s major suppliers of bananas. And, due to China’s orders in food inspections imported from Philippines the rate of bananas export might be lower or even stopped because of the country’s claiming matter.

And now, because of the claiming issue of Scarborough Shoal, several business transactions between China and Philippines are suspended and troubled.


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