Hot Small Business Ideas for Rainy Season

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Rainy days have been a normal yearly routine in the Philippines because it rains almost half the time in our country. Many city dwellers, even I and you as well dread rainy days for the woes they bring, from getting drenched by a sudden downpour, our valuables getting soaked, being marinated by the heavy rain and staying long soaked because of the massive traffic jams caused by flooding and landslides.
Without rain coats, umbrellas and boots, who would want to go outside, even having these? I bet. And, with the available garments, people ignore it, one to mention is the traditional rain boots, since people these days seek for something trendy. Agree?

This is good news! Grab the opportunity and open your small business for this coming rainy season, answer your consumer’s concerns and earn profit. Then, what business opportunity might be good for you to start with? Here are some business ideas you could choose from, and these might be a good catch for you, so what are we waiting for, let’s get in on!

1. Stylish Rain Boots – Gone are the days that people uses the traditional rubber rain boots. What people seek are products that would match their own fashion, trendy and stylish. So what’s the catch, just like Plueys brand, why not create your own design and style of rubber rain boots that would suit Filipino taste. If not, you may be one of the Plueys brand distributor to start this business opportunity this coming rainy season, be one of their partners and import their products. You may leave an impression, “stay comfortable and celebrate the rain”!

2. Hot Food Desert or “Merienda” – Rainy season is paired with chilly weather conditions. Most people would prefer to snap in hot places and to take a break for a hunger filling meal or in Filipino parlance or should I say the borrowed Spanish term – Merienda. So, why not take the chance to plan your desert house and offer various hot snacks – arrozcaldo, champorado, noodle soup, ginataang bilo-bilo or rice balls in coconut milk, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and whatever hot meal and beverages you may want to offer.

3. Synthetic Coats and Jackets – Synthetic coats and jackets would be useful during rainy days. And surely, people would seek for such that would prepare them throughout heavy rain falls and storm. So why not open your synthetic clothes and garments boutique and start your own business!

4. Rain Armament Accessories – If you would want a larger market share then why not combine the stylish rain boots and synthetic coats and jackets, and even add some products such as umbrellas, rain coats, and other useful accessories and garments that would make people comfortable and protected, then start your own business with Rain Armamanet Boutique.

5. Drying Station – This might be funny, but yes, this could be useful and convenient to people who got soaked by a sudden downpour and needs to go somewhere or meet someone – a client or a friend. You could provide the general market a drying area where they could be able to dry their clothes, garments and valuables in a few minutes. If they were able to open a Breastfeeding Station for breastfeeding mothers, then why not open a Drying Station!

6. Foil Pack Bags – Who doesn’t want starting his own business, with a minimum budget, from recycling foil packs into bags, pouches, mats, etc.? The good thing about this is it wouldn’t just be a business for rainy days, instead for all season, and you wouldn’t be spending too much capital on it since you would just gather used foil packs from tetra pack juices. All you have to do is to unleash your creativity to craft the foil packs into useful stuffs especially that foil packs is a water resistant – bags, folders and pouches. Amazing right?

Do you have more something in mind?


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