“Social Entrepreneurship – Opens New Doors for the Business Enthusiasts”

Bamboo had been useful raw materials for several products on the Philippine business industry. We have bamboo instruments, bamboo displays, bamboo furniture, and even houses of rural people that were made from bamboos and a lot more that has been utilized continuously for product innovations.

I was reading yahoo news and the article “Philippine Bamboo Bikes Hit the Market” of Manila Bulletin newspaper caught my attention. It was all about the bamboo bike creation of the unique company Kawayan Tech whose objectives are to develop “indigenous forms of bikes and other alternative means of transport,” including bamboo bikes and bamboo skateboards as “social entrepreneurship initiatives with expansion and replication goals,” according to its mission statement.

This had been one of the great ideas and creation that Filipino people have made. Creating such product is remarkable and renowned intelligence and talent not only for Filipino citizen but even abroad, that would create new identity and title for Filipinos. This would help our fellow Filipinos working abroad to be proud of them and to give a boost on their title being a Filipino. “We are not just but a Filipino, we are FILIPINO”.

The social entrepreneurship opens new doors to business ideas not only for the organization but with several business enthusiasts. It also knocked an opportunity to farmers as a mass supplier for these bamboo products that KawayanTech had created. People would have the idea to have a wide and large bamboo plantation to be able to meet the market demand of the mass bamboo supplies for various business industries that utilizes bamboo on their products.

The indigenous product that they started – bamboo bike – lead a revolutionary impact on the market share for the producers of the conventional bikes.

“People will usually think metal bikes are better because they’ve been tried and tested,” said Ms. Villanueva. “But bamboo bikes can be symbolic of being environmental; (they) show support of a livelihood program or social cause; (and they) represent who you are — a fun, healthy, earth-loving citizen.” – Philippine Manila Bulletin.

People who use the bikes say they provide a smoother ride than some of the most sophisticated metal alloys, in large part because bamboo naturally  absorbs shocks from bumpy rides. “For the past few months before I got the bamboo bike, I was riding a full suspension rig — I was used to soft and flexible rides,” says Jong Narciso, a seasoned mountain bike racer who recently picked up a bamboo bike. When he took it for a spin, “the bamboo was absorbing the bumps and chatter of the road and trail,” he said. It also handled jumps well. “The frame was able to take the abuse,” he said. – Courtesy of the Philippine Bamboo Bike Hits the Market article of Manila Bulletin.

Since the Kawayan Tech doesn’t just settle on bamboo bikes such as child’s bike for toddlers, “push bike” for bigger children who wanted to learn riding on a bike, and mountain bikes, but even creating bamboo skateboards and wheelchairs that has a good market demand for the said company. These products open new doors for product exports and increase on economic profit. Since, it is environmental friendly, which has been a long-run campaign internationally; likewise, the product is user-friendly and affordable.

The product might be a good opportunity for a lot of people. But it also has lead a threat and highly competitive rage for the conventional transport gear businesses, such as bike, skateboards and wheelchairs that the company is planning to create.

Do you have something new in mind? You might also be one of the successful men on earth. Thanks for the time!


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