Taco Jeep – Food Mobile Business for Filipino Culture

Food truck or mobile catering has never been famous in the Philippine business industry. We’ve been all familiar of such business idea through foreign culture that has a lot of well established food trucks around. Though street food industry has been a venerable business idea in Filipino culture, new business ideas has always been robust and actuating thought to people.
I came across to this idea commencing my friend’s recommendation – the “taco jeep”. You might be asking what this taco jeep is. Literally, this taco jeep is a food mobile business that sells delicious and unique taco. It was a great hunger filling meal that provides beyond satisfaction and matchless taste.

I have a class that ends at 8:15 in the evening every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Me with my group usually gets home together passing by Session Road, Baguio City. One night when we were happily chatting with each other, one of my group mates remembers his onetime eating at this unusual taco jeep along the street of session road. He described his experience excitingly and overwhelmed of this food mobile business that has delightful meals that he utters repeatedly. It was very unusual for us to hear this food mobile business, since it has never been renowned in Baguio business industry.

Describing his imaginatively experience and unusual taco, he sturdily advised us to try the taco jeep’s taco snack. While on our way to this unusual taco jeep, he explained that this taco jeep offers a various soft taco snack. Upon arrival at the food mobile taco jeep, we immediately ordered his suggested quesadilla taco snack. And, yes, their taco offerings are absolutely “soft” taco unlike for the usual tacos that are crunchy.

This food mobile jeep has absolutely delightful taco snack that I had never been tasted. It only costs me P60.00 that has unique taste, with their soft taco, contained with cheesy ingredient, well prepared tomato dressing, with white sauce and with their impressive chili sauce. If you’re not into hot sauce, it would still be a great snack with its cheesy ingredient. Furthermore, taco jeep has several snack offerings for as low as P45.00 for you to choose from.

Taco jeep has been famous for Baguio people, that people would seek and wait for this business just to experience the delightful and excitement that this taco snacks provide. Looking at their taco jeep business, I might say that it would be an approximate of P5000.00 for the cooking materials, taco ingredients and other supplementary products. While for their jeep, it was a customized mini jeep or mini truck that might be recycled from a used jeep or mini truck. If you don’t have one, you can buy your own owner jeep for as low as P25,000.00 then customized it into a food mobile business.

If you are looking for something new and you have this sum of capital, this might be a good business prospect for you. You might also offer food snacks and other unique recipe you know that could be a great taste for Filipino people. Establishing new and exclusive business idea might be as hard as filling a thread into a hole of a needle, but would be successful as you could imagine. This might not be a new idea, but for Filipino culture, this idea has never been famous.


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