Do You REALLY Want Your Own Business?

The ideal of being your own boss is very attractive and casually asked most people would say, “yes to be my own boss would be great.”

However, it needs to go farther than being the ideal. Having your own business is super. But what is it that you are really setting out to achieve?

1. Is it.

Freedom from employment?

Freedom from 9-5?

Freedom from boredom?

Freedom in general?

2. Or are you wanting

To be rich?

A better lifestyle?

More time with your family and friends?

More time for sports and recreation?

3. Or do you need to

Fulfil a long held ambition?

Create a product from your world beating idea?

Create something which will be your legacy to – your family, your community, mankind?

Express your creative talents?

Create income?

These questions have been pulled out of the air to illustrate a vital issue for consideration in your thinking and motivation when starting your own business. There are probably others that you may need to apply directly to your situation.

What matters is that as you decide to make the leap into the exciting business of becoming independent you must be clear on your motives. Your motives, their priority and your honest understanding of them will have a direct bearing on your chances of success.

The points listed under section 1 are understandable but no real foundation for starting a business. If you want to escape you will need to be very clear on what you are escaping from and where you are escaping to, you do not want to start a business only to find that you are not really suited to it?

The points made in sections 2 and 3 are more positive. Giving them and any others specific to your circumstances close consideration and priority ranking will lead to an understanding of why you want to make the change in your life. What is your motivation and what goals you are setting for yourself?

How exciting! Changing your life. It’s important so let’s do it properly. Clearly understand what is motivating your desire for change, when you understand that you can start to work out what type of business you are best suited to and how to go about creating it.


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3 Responses to “Do You REALLY Want Your Own Business?”

  1. It’s important to consider your goal before planning for a business. Why do really want your own and how to start? Keep in mind that putting up a business have a lot of requirements. You must have a lot of ideas and information to avoid problems. Have a researched on what to do in starting a business. Be sure of what you really want so it can motivates you.

  2. in starting a business you must know your goal before planning and starting it. why do you want to start your own business or what are your plans why you want to have your own business. what are the things you need before you starting your own business. well it is so hard to start a business when you don’t have any idea on it. so you must study more about the business you want to establish. there are lot of things to consider and do when you want to establish your own business.

  3. Lyra says:

    Please give/suggest me a business with small capital. I am a beginner and i wanted to have business. I hope you’ll help me. Thanks..

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