Paypal now open in the Philippines….

I recently signed up for paypal and voila! the Phillippines is now accepted, after long years of wait, they already allowed Filipinos to use paypal. Though there are quite lots of limitations though but it’s kind of a good start. At the moment, you may not be able to recieve funds using your Philippine based paypal account, but hopefully in the near future, paypal will open the gate to the world of online businessmen in the Philippines. 🙂

I also verified my account through their credit card verification process, and got verified a few days later. Unfortunately, when i tried funding my account to create a payment, it pops me out saying it does not accept funding through banks at the moment, so i suppose we were just left off with an account with them, so we can purchase online items through paypal as gateway. and everytime you wanted to make a purchase, your card will be used instead. hmmm so this sounds like, why shouldn’t I use my card directly instead?

Anyway, using paypal would have been a little bit safer, for some untrusted websites in case you are purchasing on them. =)

You can signup from below:

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


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  1. […] last year(2006) Paypal thrilled Online Entrepreneurs when they allowed Phillipine paypal accounts, though limited, allowing these accounts to only be able to Make payments or send money. That was […]

  2. SmallBiz says:

    Just an update to this post:

    You can now accept payments through your paypal philippines account :),

    i was able to withraw money from paypal using unionbank VISA although there is a $500 per day limit and $5 withdrawal fee.

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