10 Small Business Ideas in the Philippines

If you are looking for small business ideas to generate some extra into your pocket, i’ve listed 10 of the common small business ideas most people do. Some of these may require small or no capital at all but the nice thing is, almost anyone can do this!

  1. Loading Business – This idea has been around for almost a decade now, it started around 2002 or 2003 when smart allowed its subscribers to resell prepaid load to their friends via mobile load. Now there are companies like LoadXtreme or VMobile If you want the ability to earn extra from your friends and neighbors. So why let that opportunity slip off,when every neighbour is a possible customer!
  2. Selling Home Made Frozen Foods – This was an Idea I go from my Dad, he was actually selling home made Tocino when he was at work. Since he is the type of guy who loves a lot of friends, he made this to his advantage and went to hospitals, and business offices to deliver his home made tocino! Who wouldn’t like a tasty meat made from home? The market is not a big as that of the Loading business, but this will give you big returns if you do it right!
  3. Selling Lunch and/or Snacks – It is time to think about the need of every person in your community or workplace. Convenience is what this type of business makes it a success,this may also require some creativity and imagination to make it work. Remember the story about home made cakes?
  4. Specialty foods – After reading Home Made Frozen food and Lunch and snacks, and of course the story about the home made cakes. You may be thinking of cakes, cookies, candies, leche flan (one of my favourites) and others. You can also include that to your business. there is a huge market waiting, anywhere, schools, workplaces, or even in the streets! It only requires a little effort and Imagination.
  5. Laundry Services – You know I am one of the people who is in the habbit of paying others to do my laundry. Well, I’m not lazy (really!) I just wanted to do some more productive work than doing the laundry, besides you are there to do it. (if you are putting up this business?) would you? I know there are others around town, but if you can offer better services you may be able to get a piece of that market.Think about it, are you near dormitories? apartments? Condominiums? these places are often filled with busy people who of course is a sure prospect! Well unlike the other four ideas above, this type of business may require a little more capital to start, but if you do it right, it’s worth it! And it grows!
  6. Network Marketing / Direct Selling – If you are a person who woule like to jump into this arena. Be sureto familiarize yourself with the right strategy. Because if you don’t, you will most likely to lose a lot of friends.Engaging in Network Marketing and/or Direct Selling requires great imagination to succeed. And I believeonly around 10% who joins the industry becomes successful. So when you join, spend the first two or three months studying the proper way to do the business. Most people get often excited and start recruiting on their second day, and they end up building a team of idiots! Sorry for the word, but its true.
  7. Blogging – Well, this is for people who knows how to use the keyboard! If you know what a mouse is, then start looking for one behind the house. haha. Anyway, Blogging has been around for more than a decade, and the growth of its earning potential have taken over the internet. The nice thing here is, it can be done by anyone with the right attitude, knowledge and some skill. If you don’t know what topic to start yet, then start any one of the above ideas, and make yourself a diary, but this time use a blog! More ideas will come as you start doing it.
  8. Greeting Cards and Invitations –  When niece-in-law had her 7th birthday, her mom asked me to make heran invitation card, this gave me the idea on Invitation Card business. Although, this kind of business would again require some Graphic design skills. It is really quite easy, and most often than not, if you have created a good work on that first job, chances are their visitors will know. You can also blog about it, and introduce you work and business online, who knows you might get orders from unlikely places! There are a lot of possible opportunities, think about how many of your friends/relatives who need an invitation card for weddings, birthdays, christening, anniversaries and other parties.
  9. Mini-Grocery or sari-sari store – If you are the type of person who simply want to stay at home all the timebut want to earn, you might as well simply turn that small place on the side of your house into a small store, if there are a lot of competitors in the area, scout around and look for something that they don’t offer that most people needs. You can also do the eight ideas above and incorporate it into your mini grocery! why not? A mini store with a laundry?
  10. Gifts, Presents, Goodies – People love presents! and you can take advantage of this opportunity. Scout around outside your area and look for something that people in your city may love having without travelling,and bring it with you. Isn’t it nice to have a Baguio silver shop in your area? or something like that, or if you had the chance to visit Korea, Hongkong, or other countries there are hundreds of small items you can acquire to sell on your area. Ideas are endless!

These are just small business ideas that you can do on your own or with a friend or two. You can alsoentice your family members to help you. Besides, there is much fun in a family that works together!

Do you have other business idea you want to share? Tell us about it, we love to hear from you


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  2. maila says:

    good day..i am a mom of two and i would like to start a business but i dont know what business would i start..i have an idea of opening a internet shop or a travel and tours..please help me where can i attend seminars or training regarding travel and tours and internet shop that is very affordable..thanx

    • Janie says:

      internet is one of the most convenient and cheapest ways to help and orient you on how and what business you would want to start?

      Small Business Philippines for one, we have various articles that could guide you on your business venture.

      You might want to check on “Unique Product Concepts for Business Enthusiasts – What business is for you?” article or “Alluring Ways in Starting your Small Business” article that I have previously written. And when you have decided what business to venture in, try to check on the article that I have previously written as well, “A MUST for constructing your Own Business Plan – How to Create your Road Map to Success”

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