Why Restaurants Are Investing In Narrowcasting

The benefits of digital merchandising – upselling, cross-selling, entertaining and informing customers – appeal to a wide range of industries. The restaurant industry is no exception. In this article, we will use the restaurant sector as the basis of a discussion of the ways retailers of all kinds can use digital narrowcasting for marketing.How Restaurants Use Digital Displays

Restaurants have just as much need as any retailer to upsell customers and promote higher-margin items. Televisions have been a fixture in many kinds of restaurants for some time, but restaurateurs have begun to realize that news and sports, while contributing to the customer experience, may not do much to increase sales.

Digital signage, or narrowcasting, takes the entertainment component of TV and enhances it by presenting targeted marketing messages among the entertainment and information segments. Customers still enjoy the display, but they also view subtle advertising messages.

Narrowcasting is ideally suited to the restaurant industry. Images of food are guaranteed to turn heads. And with day-parting technology, restaurateurs can change the focus of their digital ads for different meals, promoting breakfast items in the morning, a featured entrée in the evening and so on.

How Restaurant Customers Benefit from Digital Displays

Digital signage in a restaurant can inform and entertain, help promote items, and reduce perceived waiting times between ordering and delivery of a meal.

* Information – Digital media makes it easy for restaurants to promote their specials. Because content can be refreshed and changed quickly, restaurants can offer a wider range of specials and promotions without worry about the cost of printing new marketing materials.

* Virtual Open Kitchen – A new trend reported by Digital Signage Today in its examination of restaurant digital signage is the use of narrowcasting to show customers how their food is prepared. When a real open kitchen is not possible, video can reassure customers that a restaurant employs safe food handling practices.

* Branding – Digital media makes it easy for restaurateurs to create a “feeling” about their restaurant that translates into a positive image of the restaurant’s brand.

* Wait Times – When done right, digital signage can entertain viewers, a critical benefit in any industry where wait times can be a factor. Banks also use digital displays to reduce perceived wait times.

How Restaurants Benefit from Digital Displays

Restaurants can realize significant benefits from digital displays.

* Emotional Connection – Images of people enjoying food make viewers feel good. This happy feeling boosts the reputation of the restaurant.

* Upselling – Quick service restaurants have had great success using digital menu boards to encourage customers to add to their orders or try higher-margin offerings.

* Lower Marketing Costs – Digital displays can be managed centrally, allowing consistent and correct marketing messages to be easily distributed electronically. With digital content, printing costs drop significantly.

* Staff Training – In another trend reported by Digital Signage Today, many restaurants are using their digital media to train staff and keep them informed about new product offerings.

Retailers of all kinds can gain many valuable insights from the narrowcasting experience of the restaurant industry.

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  1. nestor says:

    Narrowcasting in the Philippines

    There are three kinds of narrowcasting in the Philippines but only the 2nd and 3rd kind can only be considered as the real ones. 1st are the LCDs (digital display or visuals) with no audio installed in commercial establishments/coverage; like in supermarkets and restaurants. 2nd are the LCDs with audio installed in commercial establishments/coverage; like in building elevators. 3rd is the cadio innovation. Narrowcasting must have a closer concept with radio and TV, because it is another form of broadcasting. Audio system is always included in broadcasting. So radio has audio and TV has audiovisual. If it’s an LCD with no audio; then this is just like the concept of a digital billboard or the big LED display and it’s not considered a form of narrowcasting. Most of these LCDs are installed in supermarkets and restaurants.

    For more info, please visit Wikipedia and search for NARROWCASTING.

  2. Hi Negosyanteng Pinoy:

    Please answer my comments. This article “Why Restaurants Are Investing In Narrowcasting” did not come from the Philippines. It says under, About the Author: For more information on digital signage contact EK3. EK3 is based in the US and it doesn’t have anything to do with Small Business Philippines. What’s your purpose of posting this article? I’m into narrowcasting and I’m a Filipino. Why not first support Filipinos? The narrowcasting in the US is different from our narrowcasting here. I was once a broadcaster and I have more credibility when we speak of narrowcasting simple because it’s another form of broadcasting. Don’t make articles that is not for our country. Make your research more credible. We have a lot of creative Filipinos, prioritize them. Otherwise, change the title of this blog into “Small Business in other Countries.”

    If you want to answer this, email me at nestor@creativecadio.com…. If you want to know more about me, check my website at http://www.creativwecadio.com or http://www.narrowcastingusingcadio.co.nr/… You may also visit my YouTube site for more info @ http://www.youtube.com/user/creativecadio/videos….

    • @creativecadio: thanks for your insights, i apologize for some mistakes in my part, didn’t realize this article would come out, it has been buried deep in our archive :D. hostnestly, this was a guest post, if i remember correctly. and sad to say, I have limited knowledge on narrowcasting. If you can share a more specific reading material on the topic, probably our readers maybe more delighted.

    • No worries Negosyanteng Pinoy… I appreciate your reply. It’s ok. At least I know your side. Just email me if you want to know more about narrowcasting. I’m just around the corner….Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

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