Simple stuffs that makes you rich!

Quite interesting subject!

Anyway, just came across Flemming Funch’s Website on home based internet business. He had this article called “the suprising truth about ugly websites“. You may want to read it on that link provided. It’s a good reading you might not want to miss!

It’s something like, Keep it simple stupid! haha i still remember that phrase i heard from a college professor years ago. make’s sense a bit.

so let’s go back to the surprising truths about ugly websites. do you think being ugly or being beautiful is what makes them sell? If you say yes why don’t you create an ugly site, and see if you earn a cent in a year :).

What could have brought these sites to success? One might consider things like “it wen’t well cause i did my homework“, I still remember my college years when one of my teacher would criticize my work, cause i’m not really that good at coloring and those with fancy blinking characters (sometimes with some funny computer tones playing the a mario bros sound). oh man, that’s crazy… and my other teacher would simply smile and see what my works value without commenting at all to how it looks like. and would say.. good work!


my classmates have created their work with cute characters and some blinking texts, while i do have a boring black and white screen. oh btw, i’m talking about a computer program. yet i scored better. I didn’t realized the value of that situation before, i only wanted to pass that class anyway so i can go somewhere and do something else worthwhile.

So what’s the catch? Simple things often have more in them than those which are over designed. I just happened to notice that *some* web designers especially those who are employed as *web designers* sometimes forget what they are designing. there is only one idea i can think of when someone ask me to develop their site or their personal website. It should SELL!

Did you actually thought of the reason why you are creating your website? okay i think i know. it must be one or all of the below:

1. To be known
2. To inform your friends and peers you have a website.
3. To let your competitors know you are not being left behind by technology.
4. To make sure when you release you calling card, there is a nice http address of your website on it.


But did you ever thought about your site selling you, your services, and your products? Does it interest other people?
Does it Earn you anything?
it short does it sell?



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