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Power of basic cashflow

I know most people at least in the Philippines do their own CashFlows to know how to spend and how much they are earning. But i found most people especially employees are not practicing these simple self money improvement strategies. I am not an accountant myself, and i hated my accounting class, i never liked […]

Simple stuffs that makes you rich!

Quite interesting subject! Anyway, just came across Flemming Funch’s Website on home based internet business. He had this article called “the suprising truth about ugly websites“. You may want to read it on that link provided. It’s a good reading you might not want to miss! It’s something like, Keep it simple stupid! haha i […]

4 Steps to Getting the Most Out of Attending a Seminar

There it is. The event you’ve been waiting for. It’s all the big name speakers you’ve been drooling over, it’s in a city you’ve been dying to visit and it’s just the perfect information you need right now to take your business to the next level.You grab your plane ticket, pack up the laptop, ship […]