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Motivating and Rewarding Stressed Top Performers

Choosing the right person for a certain position isn’t that easy, it will take your time, effort and risk because they are as well your investment, they are company’s key to achieving its goals and objectives. They handle your supplies, equipment, people and everything in your company, and more importantly they provide you wise strategies and solutions […]

How Family Business Makes a Difference

Do family businesses vary from non-family businesses? Starting business with a family could be easier than starting with any other individual. In fact, family owned business are prevalent type of enterprise in the world. According to statistics, family businesses consist of 80-90% of all business ventures, from small to corporations. Essentially, family businesses encompass the […]

What Motivates Thriving Entrepreneurs?

There are various entrepreneurs out there who are struggling to bring business idea or product while others seem to be able to do it effortlessly. Some to mention are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and many other business magnates who achieved a legendary level of success with their own field of specialization. However, there […]

Why Written Contracts are Necessary for Business Transactions?

You may think of written contracts only done with big business deals. That there will be no trouble  when you’re dealing with friends or trusted colleague, because you might think that oral contracts are enough and since they are your friends or long-time colleague. I have, to my surprise, run across several, many of whom […]

Start Your Boutique Shop Online that Makes Your Product Available Anytime and Anywhere

E-commerce has now been growing due to rapid demands in various parts of the world. Before getting something else, we tend to scavenge the internet for more bargains or worthy offer that we could find. We compare items to make sure that the things we purchase are either something with great value or something that […]

Dragon Fruit – A Big Opportunity for Small Business Enthusiasts and Farmers

Pitaya or commonly known as dragon fruit has been thriving lately in the market. It is the fruit of several cactus species – sweet pitayas. Though it is priced high, still people buy it that is not only interesting but are also nutritious, claimed to have medicinal value. It features a mouth watering light sweet […]

3 Best Small Businesses in the Philippines

Filipinos are stressing out what business could still be great for them to start with, especially now that our market is bombarded with various businesses. I myself have been thinking of business ideas to put up. Well I have narrowed my list on the three best small business industries you could engage in. 1.       Food […]

Love Fashion? Start Your Own Small Boutique Business

I know this is not being new to you. But yes, it would still be a great business to start with. Trend these days are creative, mix and matching fashion galore. Everyone wants themselves to dress at their best, with confidence and with sophistication. It might be simple yet elegant. And being fashionable doesn’t need […]

6 Effective Ways to Catch Customer’s Attention

People are usually receptive to new ideas. They are easily impressed with something they have never seen yet before. That is the most important a marketer or an entrepreneur must consider. Creating new, functional, practical and highly quality product ideas or innovations would turn your life upside down; a great success. All you have to […]

Lighten Up Your Business and Be a Better Boss

We wanted our employees to work at their best – efficiently and effectively. You might have high expectations but be fair, every individual is different. Understanding well the human behavior in your organization is the best tool in keeping them on the track. Remember, people may not just be satisfied with money or any material […]