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How to Grow an Online Business from Your Parent’s Basement

We live in the age of startups. It seems like everyone and their brother has a side hustle, a monetized blog, an e-commerce business, or a company they’re launching. This age of entrepreneurship is thrilling, and it presents an interesting opportunity for people to thrive in their creativity without requiring an excessive amount of capital […]

Why BGC is the Best Location for an Office Space

The location of an office space is a factor in an employee’s decision making. More than the salary and career growth, you should have an office space that’s accessible to your employees. This is crucial because not it will only consume time, but it will also affect employee productivity and energy. Bonifacio Global City or […]

Why Xurpas Inc. catches the stream

Xurpas Inc, A Company that surpasses odds Keeping the pace and getting into a market is not easy. Thats what Xurpas Inc. did. A homegrown software development team specialises in mobile application from creation to support, the company tends to stay. With its product developments, partnership and acquisition, surely Xurpas Inc will make its way to […]

4 Things to Consider When Selling Your Business

Selling your business to another party or company is a lot more than closing down your office and terminating utilities. You have a lot of paperwork, tasks and most importantly, considerations to make. Selling your business is a big step and doing it wrong could leave you with some serious regrets.  So, before you even […]

Your Day Job Can Teach You About Being an Entrepreneur

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not about luck. You need a solid foundation in business in order to make the right business moves and make substantial decisions. Some entrepreneurs think that they can learn these things as they go along. While there is truth to this way of thinking, it is also quite dangerous. You’re […]

Starting a business? You Don’t Really Need to Quit Your Job

Starting and operating a business AND working on a nine-to-five job is a huge challenge for anyone. These are two demanding and very important responsibilities and juggling them is not for the faint-hearted. Handling work and a business can be very difficult but it is not impossible. If you think what you’re doing is quite […]

Development of Garment Manufacturing Industry in India

When it comes to Garment and Textiles industry, India is among the largest producers after China. This article acquaints you with diverse, complex yet fascinating colossal field of Garment and Textiles industry of India. The fundamental and strong base of industry depends upon wide variety of fibres, yarns from natural jute, cotton, silk, wool to […]

The Benefits of Outsourcing your Sales Team to Philippines

Every business owner looks for ways to increase his or her bottom-line or net income. One way that has proven to be effective is by outsourcing your sales team. There are a lot of countries these days which outsource their different divisions. One of these countries is the Philippines which is now becoming known for […]

The Pearl of the Orient is Now the BPO Epicenter of Asia

The Philippines is dubbed as the new Tiger Economy of Asia and business process outsourcing is one of the main reasons behind this. Find out what things are fuelingthe BPO industry growth in the Philippines. The #1 BPO country for voice services and #2 in non-voice, sophisticated services – in one line, this is how […]

What to Stash or not to Stash in Self Storage Units?

It cannot be denied that the self storage units are a desirable option for all those people who have a plethora of stuffs, but not enough place to store them safe. If you are contemplating keeping your belongings in the storage units, then it is imperative that you must have good information about the things […]