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How to Resolve Conflict?

Conflicts can come from anywhere, anytime and from anyone. Why? There is no identical individual, we have different perceptions. We see things differently that could start into conflicts. In many ways it is easy to say things that pop into our mind and easy to gain an enemy as well. I always remember what my […]

Home-made Products for a Business Venture

Why home-made products for the win? Some starting entrepreneurs would start their products on their own. Then, to test their market they will share it to their family until it reaches their relatives, friends and colleagues. Your families and friends are your best market tester because they will provide you helpful and efficient feedbacks about […]

5 People you must be Aware at Your Organization

People’s attitude are sometimes cannot be controlled nor influenced especially ones with strong personality. Even on a business area, these people would still unleash their different attitude that sometimes might devastate the organization’s work or other individual’s works and emotions. Among these are the following that you must be aware of. Pessimistic – These are […]

7 Ways to Beat Stress

Stress is part of every individual’s endeavor. You don’t have to worry about it just learn to control sources of your stress. Manage well and everything will be alright. Here are some ways to tame your stress. Always consider the positive outlook. Since stress is part of our health routine, this means the key is […]

Dream High – Be a Goal-Getter, Be an Entrepreneur

To-dos, goals, and plans are an essential part of any entrepreneur’s life. Learn how to streamline your short and long-term objectives to get bigger and better things done by the end of the day, month and year. What you must do? Laundry your list of what you hope to accomplish by quarter or annual. List […]

Do not be afraid – Failure is just a piece of the journey

Are you afraid to fail? Many are so afraid to fail, so they tend avoid doing the things that may earn them valuable lessons in life. I failed, so many times, in fact, i can’t even count them with all my fingers combined. But the good news is, I failed and learned! When I failed, […]

Why start a small business?

As the the famous saying says, “Don’t Keep All Your Eggs in One Basket”, everyone has heard of at least once in their life. Relying on just your day job may not be good at all, one day you may wake up and realize that your treasured job is gone, nada!  You may lose your […]

Online basics – Free online tools for a small business

Running a small business these days requires you to communicate with people online. It’s simpler, faster and more cost effective to email a customer or partner than to send a letter. It’s also cheaper speak or chat with someone online then call them via the telephone. Sharing documents and collaborating online is a must these […]

How I use facebook and how you should too?

Over the past months, I read a lot of blog posts stating their reasons for quitting Facebook, and for some reason agencies also ban the Facebook to their users, schools of course is a no exemption.  Facebook is a social tool and everyone will approach it that way. During the early days, i used Facebook […]

Factors to consider in starting a successful business

Had a chat with a friend and the idea of starting a business came out, I was thinking of starting a new business, and she said “if you have the capital, why not”, then suddenly, In my mind the question came ” do you really need a capital to start a new business?”. There are many […]