From rags to riches simply selling home made cakes!

I just wanted to share this to you, hoping it might inspire readers from putting their own businesses.

I’ve known a guy who had a hard time getting finances to fund his study. He was a few years older than me. Her mom sells pan cakes and rice cakes on a bus terminal where I used to ride when I go to La Union. After sometime, he stopped going to school due to financial reasons.

Months passed, like her mom, he started to sell snacks (meryenda) to our school  where my mom was also teaching.  He would normally bring a basket-full of banana que, kamote que, pan cakes and rice cakes and other home made Filipino Favorites.

I sometimes talk to him a bit, but he doesn’t talk that much, though smiles a lot. He seems to have a lot of courage within him, you can tell just by merely looking at him. He seldom frown, and i often see him smiling at people even if he doesn’t know them. We’ll I think that might have been a good attitude for a salesman. Being friendly.

I made my way to college and my mom still teaches in grade school, i visit mom at school sometimes. I still see him around the school selling meryendas both for students and teachers.

Years passed and I graduated college. One day, I went home hungry and saw a delicious looking banana cake on the table. Took some and taste good. I asked mom where she bought it. There I learned it was the guy who used to sell banana ques and kamote ques.

I wasn’t surprised that he might sell new products, it’s normal for a salesman. What surprises me is when my mom told me that this guy already owned a bakery near his house. Wow! the guy who used to sell kamote ques was able to put up a bakery by simply selling from kids.

I’m not really good in telling stories but i hope this one would inspire some. One question might arise from the story is that, why would he still be selling on his own, when he already own a bakery? I’ve just learned from him that, it was already almost part of his life, and makes him happy selling these cakes himself. It is something he loves doing.

He gathers feedbacks from his clients and continues to improve them over the years. And thru these information he is able to provide better tasting cakes for his customers and built himself a solid customer base.

Building your business is not simply putting up a product that you think sells. You need to research and get in touch with your market and learn what their needs, wants and pains. You need to get to know your market, this way you can provide them with solutions that will keep them buying your products.

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13 Responses to “From rags to riches simply selling home made cakes!”

  1. Geek says:

    Our favorite is “Do what you like you doing .. and you will never work for a day of your life”. The whole point is if you enjoying what you do, money follows .. whether you make cakes or anything else 🙂

    Technology & Gadget Geeks

  2. Exactly, if you love what you are doing and that is good for others. money follows

  3. Friend says:

    Nice story, and inspiring indeed. i know someday you would be just like him, having your own well knowned company and not as you are today. More power to your team, God bless and a bright future for all of us.

  4. randy says:

    thanks, and yes bright future to all of us! 🙂

  5. jeff says:

    Good story and inspiring.

  6. kylex44 says:

    thanks for that story. Very inspiring!!!!!!!!

  7. jila galo says:

    I am being inspired upon reading this article. I hope that you can give me the name and exact address of this person cause I want to meet him and ask something from him.

  8. edridge de castro says:

    good day sir nice story. im looking for people that have stories like these for an interview for “Go Negosyo” on QTV channel if any one hase any contacts from people that came from rags to riches pleas contact me before friday May 29, 2009. this would help in inspiring more people with a wider audience. thank you!

  9. milyonarya says:

    sana ako din one day!! or bukas!!

  10. charles says:

    nice story you got their bro but am very curious about who is the guy that sells snacks behind this story.. hope i could be just like him, “masipag”..

  11. lovely says:

    bravo! I wanted to be like him, hope all Filipinos have that kind of idea.

  12. Aries says:

    People should just start doing what they love doing instead of making excuses to postpone it. It is true that money follows. It is only a bi-product of what you do. People who knows what I’m talking about would agree that money is not the destination; success is not a destination. Success is the process of doing what you love…and get paid for it =) Have a great New Year Everyone!

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