Open a small business in the philippines?

If your given the chance to open a small business in the philippines, what would it be? What would be the most profitable type of business that you can think of for this year… or should you simply employ yourself?

I’m just wondering what other people are thinking at the moment, We all know the food industry is quite a good start too, and there are a lot others, what risks are you afraid of……

all comments and ideas are welcome! 🙂

What are your business ideas? We want to hear from you…


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69 Responses to “Open a small business in the philippines?”

  1. Tony G. says:

    you are correct, the food industry will never go down even other industries fail.
    at the very moment, i wanted to setup my own piggery… i thought could give me a kick start for my retirement.,

  2. Rosaline E. Empleo says:

    Another business aside from food industry that will never go down even other industries fail is clothing but not just clothing but clothing for kids….. affordable clothing for kids and other kids stuff necessity like diaper, feeding bottle etc. Those things that cannot be strip from a kids everyday living. Parents at this crisis time can say my shirt still good enough i rather buy next month or next year, but kids clothing is parents priority they cannot bear to see their kids wearing an old shirt, going to a party wearing the same shirt their kids already used in the other friends party.

    We have at the moment a small business selling all this stuff, but due to the time required to take care the store in full time basis (which i cannot since i am having two kids which i preper to take care myself while they are still on their young age, 8 and 3 yrs old) the income although can survive i consider not good enough, in such i am looking for an alternative to market our products.

    We are also offering whole sale for the clothing, these are all made from philippines in such consumers can insure to have a high quality but affordable items for their kids.

    Our Store : “Pambata Atbp.” located at Calamba Laguna Philippines

    • angel_hanz says:

      To Ms. Rosaline E. Empleoa:

      gud day Mam Empleoa can you send me the details. How can I start? How much starting capital? thanks

    • angel_hanz says:

      Mam Empleo my email add thanks

    • rhomel says:

      hi ms. rosaline,

      i’m rhomel from lemery batangas. currently here in jeddah. also interested in your line of business. can u pls. send to my email add. ( the details. the process required to acquire this business & also the starting capital.

      your response is highly appreciated.

      thanks & best regards,

    • cirellamas says:

      Hi Ms. Rosaline,
      Can you please send me the details regarding “Pambata Atbp”. i am interested with your proposal. Please send the details at


    • chuckmauri says:

      hi rosaline can you send me all the from davao.thinking of opening one here.thnaks

    • chuckmauri says:

      my email is

    • jamesc says:

      Ma’am Rosaline E. Empleo,

      I am interested in your business – “Pambata Atbp.” can you send details so that I can assess and planning to have one in Sta. Maria, Bulacan. I am working in the Middle East and thinking to start a business. My email add is:

      Hope to start with business with you ma’am.

    • witty says:

      Sir James,
      I own a school in Makati.Right now, we open our school to investors. If you are interested feel free to email me: and I’m very much willing to explain the details.Thank you.

    • canolito says:

      Hi! Ms. Rosaline, i am very much interested to know more about your business idea on children’s clothing, etc. with the hope of starting my own here in Antipolo City. Would appreciate very much if you can send details like the start-up capital and where to source the suppliers. Please email me at Thanks!

    • arneltdiano says:

      Ma’am Empleo,

      Can you send me more details.
      this is my email add,


    • ann23escarcha says:

      Ms. Rosaline,

      I am very much interested with your business, currently me and my sister are looking for a good business to start. since my mother is a tailor, and my younger sister is taking dress making in college, we really planed to start a dress shop. but we are locking for experience and knowledge. we hope that you can help us by supplying as your products.


      thank you.


    • aviolipapong says:

      hi ms. rosaline empleo interested po sana ako sa idea niu pakisend naman po details thank you po.

    • Jovy says:


      Please send me the details of your business at I am interested.

      Thank you very much.

    • awanbook says:

      Hi! Ms. Rosaline, i too, am very much interested to know more about your business idea on children’s clothing, etc. with the hope of starting my own in Cubao and Zambales. Would appreciate very much if you can send details like the start-up capital and where to source the suppliers. Please email me at Thanks so much.

    • says:

      Hi Ms. Rosaline,

      May i know the details of the above business? I am interested to put up my own business. Appreciate your kind response.

      My email address is

      Thank you.

      Kind regards,


  3. gilbert panis says:

    Can Rosaline E. Empleo give me the complete contact details of Pambata Atbp.? I am interested in this kind of business

  4. elrobeliza says:

    hi.. i think a boutique will do.. boutique with shoes, bags and others.. girls want always to be in fashion and their second love is definitely shoes.. i want to put up a small boutique but i’m still saving for it.. i need a business partner.. 🙂 i have a direct contact outside the country for wholesale orders of shoes, bags, etc. just visit my site and leave a message 🙂 thank you.. goodluck.. 🙂

    • ann23escarcha says:

      hi, i am very interested in dress and shoes, we really want to start a business like dress shop. currently i am selling dress thru my facebook account as my part time.

      hope that you can consider me as a partner..
      kindly email me at

      thank you.


  5. joice says:

    hi im a 4th yer college student taking up bus. mgt and we will have our feasibility study next semester (this will serve as our thesis) and right now we are task to propose a business plan. my pronlem is we still cant think a good business that we can propose. now my question is what business do you think we can propose here in the philippines (i guess a small business or stablishments will do) and how feasible that business is.. i really need your help.

  6. Dj Cabaluna says:

    Mrs. Empleo. Im from iloilo. i am interested sa businees mo. can you email me the details and how can i start.

  7. Jennifer E. Centino says:

    Hi everybody!

    Could anyone give me ideas/procedures in starting a consessionaire business? I am planning to have it in a office building with call center agents as my primary customer. I really don’t have any idea in starting this. Thanks

  8. pablo says:

    I wondered how to start a small business, that some of the big business was closed or merged to other company. I heard some thought that laksan ng loob lang yan,but how? food industry is top and clothing is best,but how people can buy this things. that their budjet is enough to their daily need.
    some of our kababayan is isang kahig isang kain lang,so how can I start a small business.making a good investment to our poor kababayan,and make a good profits to the poor.?

  9. Acel Agno says:

    Ms.Rosaline, kindly send me details of your business im also interested thank u..

  10. This post really is straight to the point and gives it readers a guide to what are the benefits of forming a business it’s types and their purpose. Food industry the best way to start a business!

  11. luz villanueva says:

    can you send me info about this thanks

  12. Adam says:

    Im an australian looking towards moving to the philippines in dec 2011. Im heading towards fabrication of structual steel for export overseas and large building projects thoughout the philippines. Also considering food bays in a sm mall, where i will cook and serve. Also considering importing bessa brick molding machines from south africa for building houses, sheds and workshops etc. I have been in search of a philippino parter but this has proven to be difficult. But to combine the last two would mean easy constuction of complete house packages. Philippines is developing very fast in terms of structual and i believe this could make someone extremely wealthy if they can control that market. This is a small business idea because you start small but with long hours and more contracts you can grow very fast(1-2 years)

    • rubeniski2010 says:

      Hi, Adam

      I am Ruben B. Morada from the Philippines. I have learned that you are looking for a business partner on your mentioned line of businesses. I would like to apply as your trusted partner. I am a Civil Engineer, who has just retired from my Middle East overseas work since last 2010 only. I was, then a Sr. Quality Control and Quality Assurance Engineer for construction of high rise buildings for 14 years. Currently, I am on real estate and construction business, here in the Philippines. I am looking for a business partner also to expand my line of business in terms of additional viable business opportunity ideas for which you may participate as my business associate. I have enough experience that can be helpful to achieve our goal with success. Hoping you find my offer acceptable to your standard in choosing a business partner in the Philippines. Please email me at: Thank you for your time.


    • ConceptX says:

      Dear Adam,

      I have a newly registered design and construction company in the Philippines with main focus on exhibition booths, commercial interior and POP stands. Majority of our projects are based in overseas particularly building exhibition booths, i.e. Middle East and Asia.

      Our commercial interior service is still on its infancy stage but we are definitely trying our best to get a share in the market.

      If you are interested, please do email me.

      Thanks and regards
      Debbie – Concept X

    • Ronald says:

      could you also send me..

  13. Alan Ace S says:

    To Ms. Rosaline E. Empleoa:

    Im from Daet, Camarines Norte just a few drive away from Calamba. Very much interested in your business.. email me the details!
    1. How can I start?
    2. How much starting capital?

  14. Hi, Im a malaysian looking to open a business in Phillipines for herbal sanitary pads.OB and gynae clinics or pharmacy prefered.independent dealers also welcome.please email me at for more info and sample purchase

  15. waway says:

    If anybody of you want some starting capital, I am willing to lend you some money from 5- 10% depending on your ability to pay, credit rating, etc.


  16. maya says:

    Ms. Rosaline,
    this is maya. i want to know more about pambata at iba pa. can you give more infos pls as i am interested…

  17. Marc says:

    I’m looking into selling Organic Products such as bar and liquid soaps to Spa’s or Hotels. I am looking into catering the mid level to upper class and beyond as these products are definitely not suitable for the low income although I wish I can. However, I believe profit margin can be high if sold to the right client.

    I am looking for clients. If you can refer we can work something out on a steady customer. Also I am looking for a partner in that regard as well. Or you can be a direct distributor under me and I can let you be the official distributor for particular flavors/smells of soap that you feel you can sell.

    If you are interested in beauty products email me at We have 1KG bars available for your cutting and packaging (private labeling for reselling or exporting) or single bars.

  18. Marc says:

    @ ADAM

    Contact me. I am a Canadian Chinese living in the philippines. Maybe we can venture in to some small things and go from there.

    Let me know.

    • sumir says:

      Hi Marc

      We are importers of herbal beauty products we are only 2 years old in philippines we already have 8 stockiest all over philippines if you are intreasted we can talk about it you can check out our website

    • witty says:

      Hi Marc!
      I own a school in Makati. Right now, we open it to investors since we are going to start our high school level this year.
      If you are interested, you may email me:

  19. jun says:

    Hi Adam,
    How feasible is your plan to put up business in the Philippines and how’s your partner to be will help you? I am planning too by next year but I have mid-cap size for this.

    I am considering also goat raising which according to survey can give up to 50% ROE.

  20. Patrick says:

    hi adam of australia

    i am patrick from philippines, nice that you have a nice idea for that, can we talk over that? iam interested with your plans, can you email me at my email, thanks i willwait …

  21. rg67787 says:


    I am a purchaser here in the Philippines. If ever you think that a profession like mine will be needed in your business to be here in my country, please feel free to contact me. Thanks and Godbless.

  22. Jillian says:

    Hi Ms. Rosaline,

    I am Jillian. Can you please email me more information and details reagarding your business as I’m very much interested.

  23. jenelyn says:

    @rosaline empleo,
    its a good idea for a small business. I just wanted to know how much for the starting and the process?…please let me know….thank me at

  24. Rhoda Alipao says:

    Rosaline E. Empleo ,
    I am interested in that business, do you have a contact number were i can be able to get in touch with you. may parents live in sta. rosa laguna and i can drop buy your place and talk about it.

    Can you send me an email please. You may also text me at 0917 8236795

  25. asian says:

    Much kudos for blogging about this, It’s simply what I used to be researching for on bing.

  26. Loyce Whipp says:

    Good day, A actually occupying document. Continue it up.

  27. floor decals says:

    Was amused from the floor up. Will sticker around a bit more for a good read.

  28. hunting says:

    Do you mind if I quote this in an article I’m writing?

  29. piA says:

    ms rosaline im also interested [pls email me at

  30. Hi everyone! I agree with Rosaline that baby products is the best business in the Phils as a. we love kids and b. we will never stop having kids. I have a business in Sydney, I make baby hands and feet sculptures and frame them as a memento of their babyhood. My website is: I offer training for this profession here in Syd or I can come to Phils at client’s expense plus training fee. I have trained people here in Australia and Malaysia- people who are interested in having a home-based and flexible business. This is better than buying a franchise as you are free to do what you want with your business, you don’t have to pay royalty and monthly fees and all your profit is yours! On top, you can start building your own franchise! I love my business as it’s very flexible and unlike food business, there is no wastage. Email me if interested: Visit my website for my product photos. I am in the process of improving it so keep in touch. Cheers!

  31. Chezter023 says:

    Hello everyone, my name is Chezter Sison from SJDM, Bulacan

    My mother-in-law is also planning to put up a small business, but until now we still don’t have any idea what business to start up. In my opinion, the best business would be those consumable products/services esp. “FOOD” kasi un ung isa sa mga product na kahit san mo ilagay o ipwesto siguradong may bibili, at kung tatanungin nmn kung anung food, well, you’ll need to have a research plan for the community where you are planning to put up the business. Maybe we’ll just have to be more imaginative, creative and resourceful when it comes to the word “BUSINESS” and most of all, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TRY, dahil ang buhay na araw-araw mong ginagawa, ay hindi magbabago kung hindi ka magdedesisyon para sa IKABABAGO NG BUHAY MO.

    Don’t ever think of PROFIT “AGAD” after putting up a business, much better kung mas paghandaan mo ung mga POSSIBLE EXPENSES kesa dun sa isip ka ng isip kung ganu kalaki ung kikitain mo.

    That’s all. I hope that you understand my point of view and consider some of visions. God bless us all ^^

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  33. jhojomon says:

    food industry especially here in laguna is very good.. but these days.. i think it is not the best idea..


  34. sumir says:

    Food Beauty and RTW can never be at loosing end all you should know were and what customers you are going to cater to I have these existing business just check the web sites and than we can talk it over if any of you are intreasted.
    For Beauty
    For Coffe Shop :
    for RTW :

    Thanks & god bless

  35. ibizto says:

    If you have businesses(restaurant, shop, boutique, online selling, etc.) or offers services (plumbing, freelancing, photography, tailoring, consultancy, web design, etc.), register those at – An online directory of businesses and services in the Philippines. It’s Free. aims to help businesses promote their products and services and have online presence. We see the growing numbers of people looking for services and products thru the internet as an opportunity to increase if not bring the market to a business. So, let your businesses be found, and be known. Register now. It’s free at

  36. witty says:

    Business Proposal:
    I own a school in Makati. It is duly registered in SEC and DEPEd. This school year, we’ll be offering high school.
    In connection to this, this year we open our school to investors who want to be part of our growing-academe. Small investment requires but with a reasonable percentage earnings.
    If you are interested, you may email me:

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  38. Tonyphet says:

    Hi Mam Rosaline,

    Good day Mam Empleoa can you send me the details.
    How can I start? and how much is the capital? Thanks


  39. chennel says:

    Hi Ms. Rosaline

    I am chen. Can you please send me the details of your proposal? I am pretty much interested and also the amount needed to start that kind of business.

    Thank you

  40. chennel says:

  41. denjeng28 says:

    Hi Ms. Rosaline, Please send me the details of your business iam interested to know.. just send me

  42. leerabbit says:

    hi ma’am rosaline,
    Please send me all the details of your business.i’m thinking of opening it here in san mateo,’s my e-mail:

  43. George says:

    – Any business is a risk & investing in a place like the Philippines you have to do your homework before comitting to invest . I have travelled to the Philippines on many occassions & think the best industry to be in is food by a country mile.
    The outer suburbs within Manila may work BUT Makati is the place to be . Why ? mainly because of tourism & the strong dollars foreigners bring .
    I have seen many empty premises that didnt work . Why ? was it bad management ? the location ? lack of capital ? poor service ? poor food ? What ?
    I have made up my plan & Im not dreaming in the clouds .
    Firstly its all about : LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION .
    The premises will be clean & respectable BUT the floor plan will be basic . A sit down Take Away business of the best cooked produce I can offer . My initial outlay will be low , set menus at a reasonable price & the food is plentiful . Capital in the bank for back up , my staff will be picked on attitude & experience , a level of service & standard & again the food that will come out of the kitchen will be of top standard always .
    I have succeeded in Australia with food businesses & now that i have ties with some friends in the Philippines I am expanding this concept .

  44. asseehr says:

    gud day Mam Empleoa can you send me the details. How can I start? How much starting capital? thanks. My email add is

    • boblyns says:

      TO ALL: I would like to offer a business opportunity to anyone interested in re-selling clothes. Our clothes are imported from Bangkok,Thailand. You may visit our fanpage and instagram to have an idea of how our products look like. You may start your own for as low as 3K.

      Here is our fanpage:

      and our INSTAGRAM: @boblynsboutique

      You may also contact us here: 09321206185 /

      I hope to hear from you guys. Thanks and God Bless!

  45. ErlynQH says:

    Hi Maam Empleoa, pls send me details of your business. I am interested in this kind of business venture. my email :

  46. sanmaya says:

    It’s great to see many small businesses are string out here.

    6 things to keep in mind for all small businesses:

    1- Prepare to market, don’t leave any chance for marketing

    2- Convert leads into customers quickly

    3- Price it correct. Check if you are loosing money anywhere. If you didn’t consider even the cost of the stationary or the cost of inventory stays at a given point of time while preparing the pricing you may loose a lot of money. It’s a good idea to include a minimum of 20% cost of delay in sales and 20% delay cost in supplies in the price and a 10% of miscellaneous cost that you didn’t encounter during pricing. It’s the most crucial point many smallbiz forget to do and thus obtain more financial problem even when their sales are up.

    4- Great customer experience is free marketing and more sales for you.

    5- Supply to inventory to market should be as fast as possible. Keep an eye on stocks.

    6- Use an accounting software like SlickAccount ( ) that helps you in budgeting, planning and make you easily identify the financial problems in your business and its causes with less work.

    Best of luck for your ventures 🙂

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