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Vmobile Technologies Inc.
Introduces the new “Fast Track Package” to all new applicants for Dealership. This was formed to cater all the Filipinos who are interested to be part of our Dealership program with limited resources.
With The “Fast Track Package” you can start your own Loading Business and enjoy the facility of VMOBILE technologies Inc for only P 3,988.00 only.

MARIE @ 09232360590


What’s inside the package:
1. (2) Prepaid POSTERS.
2. (3) Smart Buddy Sim packs
3. (20) Pricelist
4. (20) Quick Guides
5. (20) RETAILER CARDS * Worth 250/each
• with this Retailer card , you can start your own PREPAID LOADING business as a retailer (Use your own SIM, and Cellphone both Existing) and earn 10 – 12% for every prepaid load the Retailers Sell.

How to earn with VMOBILE “Fast Track Package”
1. BUY and Sell of Prepaid Loads – earn 10 -12% per load you sell.
ex: As a dealer you’re just selling P1,000 a day.
P2,000 x 30days = 60,000/sales for the month
X 12%
P7,200 / Monthly Income

2. Retailer CARDS – earn 250.00 per retailer CARD sold
ex: for selling 20pcs retailer card
20 x 250 = P5,000 income

3. Retailer Overide – earn 1 -2% on all the LOADS sold by your RETAILERS.
ex: your 20 retailers are selling 1,000/per day.
1,000 x 20 = 20,000/sales per day of your retailers.
X 2%

4. Direct Sales Incentive – earn P500.00 for every Dealership sold. (unlimited).
ex: 20 people of your friends want to be a dealer also.
20 x P500 = P10,000/ Franchise incentive.

5.Franchise Overide – earn additional P500.00 for every Dealership sold by your dealers on both teams.
P30,000 per day
P210,000 per week
P900,000 per Month

START your prepaid Loading Business @ low cost and start earning your MILLIONS with VMOBILE Technologies Inc.

MARIE @ 09232360590


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