Top Entrepreneur Helps Others Start Businesses in the Philippines!

Hello Reader,

My name is Eric Mallari and I am a Professional Networker, Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker. I was born in the Philippines (Cavite City), speak Tagalog fluently, moved to Canada when I was eight and travel back to my roots as often as possible. I am married and have a family. I live an hour outside of Toronto.

For the last fourteen years; I have been helping others realize their dreams through my home business. I am living the life of my dreams.  I am working with my team (United States, Canada and now Philippines).  Anything is possible if you keep your dreams alive!

It is getting more and more difficult in the financial times we live in to open and/or start a business. Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) has recently come out with a video on his recommendation for starting a business. Watch:

I am thrilled to be coming back home again and this time to help many start their own home businesses without huge capital. Our company is set to EXPLODE next week (July 15, 2009 Official Opening)!

If you are looking to start your own business and Serious about making it successful contact me immediately at or yahoo id: topmaxgxlteam    I will share my secrets with you!

Yours in Success!

Eric Mallari
Professional Networker, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker
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6 Responses to “Top Entrepreneur Helps Others Start Businesses in the Philippines!”

  1. ric says:

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    internet cafe business

  2. Susan Garcia says:

    Hi Eric,

    I am curious to learn more about your business offer. I don’t have enough money to invest but I have a small internet business with 7 units which I would like to utilize for other works like home based networking or virtual jobs while it has lean periods apart from servicing for browsing and online games to students. If this will be a success, then I am willing to add more units to cater the demand.

    Please advise and wait for your reply soon.

    Best regards,

  3. Andy says:

    I am interested to know more about your business, I am an OFW and wanted to put up my own business in thePhilippines, I would love to know more on your companys portfolio.

    Please let me know by emailing me on my add

    Thank you

  4. Salvador Montero says:

    Dear Sir,

    Good Day!
    I am interested with your small business ooprtunity. Can I have some ideas regarding this.

    I am from Manila, Philippines.

    thank you,

  5. Helping other people in achieving there dream is great, because you just don’t help you also build one’s confidence and encourage them to pursue their desire and a great motivation from the professionals are one of the factor that people need in order for them to achieve what they want.

  6. Arleen Ruedas says:

    Hi Eric,

    I am interested to know about your business. Can i have some advice of what kind of business.

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