Why Xurpas Inc. catches the stream

Xurpas Inc, A Company that surpasses odds

Keeping the pace and getting into a market is not easy. Thats what Xurpas Inc. did.

A homegrown software development team specialises in mobile application from creation to support, the company tends to stay. With its product developments, partnership and acquisition, surely Xurpas Inc will make its way to the big leagues.

Key Highlights:

  • Xurpas Inc. has signed a deal with Storm Flex Systems, Inc. for a 51% controlling stake at a cost of US$4.3 million. Xurpas and Storm completed the sale on February 26, 2015. 
  • Xurpas and Storm have signed a deal that will give Xurpas 37,565 shares or a 51% stake in Storm and other rights. Storm is a human resource consultancy firm which has developed a proprietary platform called the “flex benefits system” that allows employees to convert their employee benefits to other benefits such as gadgets and dining, a private carpool system, doctor consultations on demand, and even donations for charitable causes.
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia—Philippine technology firm Xurpas, Inc. (PSE:X) recently bagged the Best Small Cap Equity Deal citation by Hong Kong-based institutional investment magazine, Alpha Southeast Asia in the Annual Best Deal and Solution Awards 2014. 

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