Your Day Job Can Teach You About Being an Entrepreneur

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not about luck. You need a solid foundation in business in order to make the right business moves and make substantial decisions. Some entrepreneurs think that they can learn these things as they go along. While there is truth to this way of thinking, it is also quite dangerous. You’re basically gambling with your investment.

You may be surprised to know that working at a day job can actually help you develop skills that you’ll need as an entrepreneur. This is especially true if you’re working for a company that is known for having a strong mentorship program; where employees are taught different skills and exposed to different facets of the company. You’ll learn the necessary skills that you can then apply to your business in the future, and you still get paid, to boot.

So what do you get to learn from your office job that you can, in turn, use as an entrepreneur? Here are some of them:

Finance and operational management. An MBA may give you an edge in learning about finance and operations but you can also learn the same things in your office. You’ll learn about finance and operations by managing your own team and observing how various divisions and departments in your company are being managed. You can also ask colleagues to teach you P&L and also how to balance sheets.

Management and leadership. You probably would be working on your business either alone or with just a very small staff but nevertheless, effective management and leadership skills are a very important trait that all entrepreneurs should have. As mentioned above, you also learn about management and leadership by leading your own team. You also learn about effective management and leadership techniques by observing your superiors in the company. You’ll gain a lot of insights about individual management and leadership skills by studying the senior management in your company.

By observing your boss and the senior management in your company, you’ll also learn how to develop a presence that indicates that you are the boss. This is actually a very important skill to learn because you are the leader in your business, no one else.

Customer relations. Any business knows that it won’t survive without clients. Effective customer relations are important if you want your business to survive and to thrive. Interaction with clients and serving their needs will teach you so many things about dealing with customers and even how to handle them.

Marketing strategy. Almost all departments get involved in the company’s marketing efforts. Some of the things you’ll learn If you get involved in marketing a product or service for your company include product positioning, value propositions, market segmentation, promotion strategy and even event management. Getting hands-on experience here is even more valuable than learning about it from books or, worse, learning about it through trial and error.


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