Starting a business? You Don’t Really Need to Quit Your Job

Starting and operating a business AND working on a nine-to-five job is a huge challenge for anyone. These are two demanding and very important responsibilities and juggling them is not for the faint-hearted.

Handling work and a business can be very difficult but it is not impossible. If you think what you’re doing is quite rare, then you couldn’t be more wrong. There are many people out there who are in the same boat; and to further encourage you, know that many of the top companies in the world started out as a side-business. Their founders still had office jobs.

There are many budding entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed about the thought of having to handle a new business and keeping their day job. This usually leads them to choose one over the other – either they quit their job entirely, or they mothball their business until such time that they have more time to spend on it.

But you don’t really need to make such a drastic move. You can actually start a business while still maintaining your job.

Discipline and Dedication

So how can you manage both job and business at the same time? To successfully juggle both responsibilities, we should look at the lessons imparted by the people who have done it before and have emerged from the experience as successful businessmen.

There are two things that the worker-entrepreneur need to have in order to succeed – discipline and dedication.

Time management is the obvious challenge when trying to maintain a day job and a business. To successfully handle both, you need to have discipline to be able to segregate time for both business and work. Maintain a strict schedule that you should follow without deviation. Allocate work hours strictly for work, and spend your after-work hours on your business. Don’t be tempted to squeeze in business during work hours and vice versa. You need to keep your mind focused on the task at hand because that’s when you’re most efficient and effective.  Remember that being a businessman and being an employee are two separate roles that should never be mixed.

Your dedication to your business and your work should also be resolute. Make sure that you give your 100 percent to your work when you’re in the office. But when it’s time to handle the business, then you should give the same level of enthusiasm.

To help you better segregate these two aspects of your life, make physical delineations as well. Print a separate business card for your business, using a new number that is only meant for business-related matters. If there is enough room in your house then you should also have a dedicated space that you use just for your business work. This is going to be your “business office”. Having a physical space to go to for business work allows your mind to switch to “business mode” more easily.

The Balance Shifts

For many people a work-business arrangement can really work. But as a businessman you should always be aware of the situation. Efficiency can lead to success and success definitely leads to growth. When your business has achieved a level of success then it is time to reassess the situation and think about your business’ growth as it relates to your involvement. If your business’ potential to further expand depends on how much time you spend on it then you should seriously consider whether you need to quit your office job and focus full-time on your business.

But until then, you can serve two masters at the same time.



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