The Benefits of Outsourcing your Sales Team to Philippines

Every business owner looks for ways to increase his or her bottom-line or net income. One way that has proven to be effective is by outsourcing your sales team. There are a lot of countries these days which outsource their different divisions. One of these countries is the Philippines which is now becoming known for its BPO services. Established by them and evidenced by a number of businesses, this has been a good business practice.

As head of the company, you are most likely to be the only person who are trying to juggle multiple tasks including sales and with any division or category of the company, it has been established that with more people doing the job, you get a lot more accomplished. The same goes with the sales division of your business. Instead of handling the tasks alone which might stall your business’ productivity, you can decide on having a distributed sales team to gain more prospective clients and customers which in turn could increase your business’ profitability. Aside from that, with an outsourced sales model, you and your business can do the same amount of work in a lot less time, allowing you as well as your team to focus on other parts of your work and speed up the whole process from sales to profit.

In addition, with an outsourced sales team, executing sales campaigns and marketing strategies are easier to do because you will have a number of people to whom you can assign the tasks to. You can assign specific people to carry out specific tasks as well as locations where they would be assigned, allowing you to cover more area and target a larger market base. In this way, you will be able to reach your sales goals faster and possibly exceed them and do your sales pitches in a significantly shorter amount of time.

Before you outsource your sales team, it is important that you know the things that need consideration. First off, you need to determine and assess your own business so that you can identify which sales roles you are going to outsource and what skills your employees will need to carry out those roles. You should also create a list of the factors that you need your sales campaign and pitches to look like as they will serve as a guide for your delegates in determining what they need to do and whom they are going pitch the sales for. Second, do not make the mistake of hiring sales professionals and instantly paying them on a regular basis. Outsourcing your sales team can cost money and the only way to compensate for this is to create a salary plan which pays your hired professionals on a commission-only basis. Paying on a commission basis is totally temporary and the plan can be ideally used for the first few months only. This will give the business a chance to earn and gradually develop a new salary plan.

Just because your sales team is outsourced doesn’t mean that they do not need your guidance. Make sure that you train all subcontractors and set your goals. Develop a good sense of communication with your team to guarantee your business’ success. You also have to make the extra effort to carefully train them and monitor their performances regarding the sales campaigns that you have assigned to them. When you first hire your sales people, make sure that you yourself direct them so that they have an example which they can follow. Set goals for them to follow so that they can get past their learning curve and start generating revenue.

Once your sales team is already generating sales numbers, pick the perfect time within this period to gradually develop your salary plan, because if you don’t, you might lose some of your skilled sales people. Provide base salaries and incentives for your sales people who are really on top of their game. Once the 90 day period has passed, pick the sales people which have reached the most number of goals to be your salaried consultants. Doing these will ensure that you have a steady team of sales people that are as committed and determined as you are.

Outsourcing a sales team to one of the Philippines BPO might be daunting because it will take a long process for you to hire and you will need to carry out some expenses. However, when your efforts finally pay off, you will find that it brings so much benefits and privileges, not only to you but to your business as well.

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