The Pearl of the Orient is Now the BPO Epicenter of Asia

The Philippines is dubbed as the new Tiger Economy of Asia and business process outsourcing is one of the main reasons behind this. Find out what things are fuelingthe BPO industry growth in the Philippines.

The #1 BPO country for voice services and #2 in non-voice, sophisticated services – in one line, this is how positive the growth of the BPO industry in the Philippines is and things are getting better. According to the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP), the BPO industry in the country has grown by 30% on average annually for the past 10 years, proving that more and more companies are trusting the Filipino workforce to deliver the services they require.

So, what forces are driving the progress of call center services in the Philippines? A lot has been said about competitive costs, but what about the other things that are contributing to this growth?

The Most Fluent Speakers of Business English

According to a research conducted by Global English Corporation last year, the Philippines is the most proficient country in the entire planet when it comes to business English even outranking the United States. This comes as no surprise because the country was once an American colony, making English as the second language of the nation and in some provinces; it’s even the primary vernacular. It’s the primary language for teaching in many educational institutions. Further, Filipinos are also highly exposed to US media including news programs, lifestyle shows and films.

Call center services in the Philippines put a high premium on English proficiency to ensure client satisfaction.

Customer Service Mentality and Strong Work Ethic

The Filipino culture puts a lot of value on malasakit, the equivalent of empathy. Also, the members of the country’s workforce are known to be extremely patient and highly accommodating, predisposing them to customer service or customer support roles. Call center services in the Philippines are known to meet global standards in customer satisfaction.

Stronger National Government

For many years, the country has battled corruption and other political problems, during which the country’s BPO industry still prospered. Now, with a change of national leadership in 2010, the country found renewed vigor in governance with a strong push for economic development through public-private ownership.

Those who choose to outsource call center services in the Philippines will enjoy substantial tax holidays as well as tax-free importation of equipment, supplies, etc.

A Highly Engaged Professional BPO Community

Due to the centrality that BPO plays in the country’s economy, there are a number of professional organizations and industry associations that govern the Philippines’ BPO companies. These organizations constantly hold forums to discuss the future of business process outsourcing in the country, but more importantly, how to improve systems, reinforce processes and improve the overall quality of call center services in the Philippines.

Such vigor among professionals create an environment for a BPO industry that is self-enhancing which is always good news for investors.

So, while there are other BPO destinations in Asia including India, China and Indonesia, call center services in the Philippines rank high in terms of value, productivity and results. There are several companies in the country investors can tap into – from small scale operations to enterprise-level call center solutions. Pricing models also vary which provides more options.

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