What to Stash or not to Stash in Self Storage Units?

It cannot be denied that the self storage units are a desirable option for all those people who have a plethora of stuffs, but not enough place to store them safe. If you are contemplating keeping your belongings in the storage units, then it is imperative that you must have good information about the things that you can store in the units. There are many units who have some specific guidelines regarding storage of the various materials and you are required to abide by the rules. The guidelines go a long way in ensuring the safety of the unit and your priceless valuables.

Items that Can be Stored

There are some restrictions imposed by the self storage companies on the various items that can be stored. You can keep the following things in the units as long as they are packed in an appropriate manner and the temperature is not very high as it can certainly damage your items:

  • Appliances: You can store various appliances such as the computer, refrigerator, television, etc. in a self storage space. You have to just make sure that these items are packed properly so as to prevent them from any kind of dents or scratches.
  • Clothing: Different kinds of the clothing materials such as the coats, shirts, pants and many other things can be stored safely in the units. You can use the containers to pack the clothes and prevent them from the dust mites, animal dander, spiders and rodents.
  • Furniture: You can store any furniture items as long as you take effective steps to pack them correctly so that they remain in good shape without the risk of getting damaged.

Some of the other items that can be stored in the units are mattresses, dishes, books, toys, motorcycles, linens, Recreational Vehicles (RVs), boats, bed frames and household electronics.

Items that cannot be Stored

There are a few items that are not allowed to be stored in the self storage facilities. If you have some dilemma about the prohibitions on the belongings that you wish to store, then it is important that you take the help of an expert before you find yourself into some unexpected problems. The following items that are banned in the storage units are as follows:

  • Flammable Materials: Do not store the flammable materials such as the gas, fireworks, gunpowder, kerosene, etc. as these items can quite easily catch fire and cause a significant amount of damage to the unit. You will be generally asked by the storage companies to empty the fuel containers before storing them.
  • Plants and Animals: Most of the self storage space companies prohibit the storage of plants and animals. There is no source of sunlight and oxygen in the units and in such a situation; it will be extremely difficult for the animals and plants to survive.
  • Perishable Food: Storage units do not allow perishable food products to be stored as they can spoil easily in the extreme temperatures. Moreover, the smell of the food will entice the bugs, mice, rodents, etc. that can affect the other materials kept nearby.
  • Toxic Substances: Hazardous or the toxic materials such as the chemicals, fertilizer, are not allowed to be stored in the units. These items pose a considerable amount of threat to the facility as they can explode in the high and humid environment.

Therefore, packing the items effectively and acquainting yourself with the information on the materials that can or cannot be stored in self storage facilities will safeguard the unit and your belongings from any kind of potential damage.

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