How to Keep Your Employees Motivated at All Times

As a small business owner and manager, it can be difficult enough to keep yourself motivated through all of the ups and downs to day-to-day management. Conversely, keeping your team motivated at all times is often also a challenge, and one that many managers simply fail to live up to.

Some are still naïve enough to have the outlook of “I have to be self-motivated, so you should be too,” although most are realising that this archaic attitude isn’t going to get them anywhere quickly.

We looked at some great ways that small business owners can keep their teams motivated at all times.

Lead by Example

There is no greater example of a phrase that is misunderstood by managers around the world than this one. Many take leading by example as showing the employees how to do their job, or joining in with employee tasks.

You are the manager, so leading by example should be in the way you carry and present yourself, in the way you speak, and in how hard you work to meet your objectives. If you run a clothes store, for example, then you shouldn’t be leading by example by filling up the rails yourself.

Take Each Day The Same

Naturally, as a leader you want to celebrate your teams’ successes. However, being too brash and blasé about it can mean that it is difficult to pick yourself up when you have a bad day, and your team will pick up on this and become demoralised by extension.

Whether you have beaten your target by 50%, or failed to sell any of a target product on a certain day, your attitude should by and large remain the same. Share successes and be honest about what needs to be improved, but you should always be positive about the business so you can keep your team engaged.

Plan, Plan, Then Plan Some More

One of the biggest mistakes managers make is thinking that their teams don’t care about long-term plans for the business. Whether they would admit to it or not, they do care, and they want to know what the business plans are going forward.

As a leader, you should share these with your team in order to motivate them and get them excited about the future of your company. Your best strategy may well be to share the “easy wins” with your team, so that they feel a sense of achievement and there is a feel good factor around your organisation. Avoid sharing uncertain and far away plans; as if they change or don’t happen at all they could damage your credibility as a leader.

Ensure that you have a successful and motivated team at all times who will do anything you ask of them, and your business will reap the rewards both now and in the long-term.

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