Six Crucial Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

Customers will always be your primary evaluator and will always have the final say to choose whether or not to buy your products and/or services. They will be the one to decide whether your product is good, excellent, poor or bad. Whatever maybe, we wanted that their view about our products is “excellent”. In such a way that they will patronize our products, and even refer us to anyone they know that may need or want our offerings.

Attaining customer loyalty isn’t like shooting fish in a barrel. It could really take your time, effort or even money. It’s a long-term duty that must foster continuous learning and patience. After all, why do we put much effort to achieve customer loyalty? Happy and loyal customers are most likely to spend more, give you free word-of-mouth support, refer your business or goods and visit more often. Because of that, many entrepreneurs work hard to attract more new customers to generate sales, establish market presence and to attract more customers to out-perform competitors. To do these, here are six fundamental ways to build customer loyalty.

  1. Tap into their primary needs and demands. You are in business primarily because you are catering a specific group of people’s needs and demands. However, each customer has unique needs and wants. Understanding their interests, behaviors, motivations and beliefs will help you become more resourceful, creative and innovative.  Furthermore, customer loyalty is most likely reached when a customer need is met before it has been expressed. Open your doors to opportunity and find resources and solutions for their problems before they demand for it. Don’t hold your doors and unleash your creativity, uniqueness and strengths.
  2. Quality service saves the day. Quality service always gives a positive impression to any customer that enters your store. Make sure that you provide the suitable product a customer needs. Most clients pay for your expertise. Yet service can’t be easily evaluated so they simply assume we are experts through our brand credentials and how others speak of you. Customers will absolutely patronize and refer you when they feel valued and receive a high level of service. If you maintained excellent service, you achieved excellent long-term relationship.
  3. Establish positive relationship with your customers. Positive relationship attracts and retains customers. So, choosing people to handle customers, proper orientation and training is significantly essential to foster pleasant rapport. The way you greet, acknowledge, entertain and assist them is crucial. How you serve them makes a great impression and tool to decide whether or not to purchase or re-purchase your products. And, remember warm and welcoming SMILE makes your customers happy and at home.
  4. Remember and acknowledge returning customers. Remembering them would mean that you care for them. Make an effort to know each customer. Their preferences, what they buy, how they buy and even when they buy. It could be more gratifying as well to know their name, child’s name, pet’s name, and other details that are important to them and the reason for them being at your store.
  5. Give rewards. There are various strategies depending on customer’s desire on how you reward returning customers. Some may give freebies, discounts, gift certificate, trials, free deliveries, free repair and many more. Whatever your strategy is, make sure that you cater the right needs of your customers.
  6. Roam around. The best way to understand customer’s behavior is to be one. Experience and observation will help you feel how customers feel. You could see others looking for something and you will only know that when you become one of them. While shopping around, you could hear “it could be better if…” or “where could I find like this, like that…” Some visit their major competitor to check on the experience they provide their customers.

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