Differences of Women and Men Entrepreneur

People couldn’t go away with the question, “How do women differ from men entrepreneur?” Some prefers men, but women would as well raise their flags. You will see different successful entrepreneurs around – various men and women, both are great entrepreneurs. I have been hearing, “men are better on this… and women are better on this…”

What follows are my personal views. They are not based on formal researches, but on my personal interactions with various entrepreneurs and observations.

  1. I am guilty of this. Women tend to be “multitaskers while men usually have one core skill, which can be good advantage but at the same time disadvantage. Multitasking is an advantage when a task is done simultaneously, and women are very good on that, while men tends to focus on their main task and delegate the other to somebody better on it. The good thing about this is you don’t need much workforce when a woman does something on her own. However, this can be disadvantage when they try to do much themselves. Women are usually time-conscious. They always look at a task that needs to be done even if it’s something that she doesn’t want to do or beyond her capability. A woman will still pursue finishing it. Whereas, men typically delegate tasks. Whenever a task needs to be done, they will go out and find someone to do the task for them. Simple as that!
  2. Men are straightforward. Men usually think deep and deliver their decisions once, unlike women who tend to change their minds often. Men are more risk-takers than women. They think simple yet wise. In connection, men decide despite the risks and challenge following their decisions, considering “the higher the risk, the higher the return”. While, women tend to carefully evaluate things before delivering their decisions. The fact is women evaluate things twice as men do.
  3. Women build networks easily. Meaning women are more sociable than men. There are men who are sociable yet they tend to focus on getting the right people, whereas women not just socialize to get business but to build relationships as well, which more likely to gain more people. Not only that, women usually are charming that made them easily deal business with clients and other entrepreneurs, which is the most important in generating sales.
  4. Men start business primarily to make money, whereas women still start business to make money but more often they start business because they love doing it! Men tend to focus, spend more time, have higher expectations and tend to research more business opportunities for higher earnings. This could work sometimes, but sometimes it doesn’t. This may work highly with single men, but it could be difficult or sometimes troublesome for men who have their own families. Women are hard-working entrepreneurs as well, but not all women focus on their business to earn high. That is the reason why we could easily ask for discounts or freebies with women than men entrepreneurs. Aside from women’s passion doing the business, they are soft hearted. As long as they could see people happy, money doesn’t matter. This could be good but could be disastrous sometimes as well.
  5. Women tend to balance business and family. A woman is more likely to start a company at home, and only after it has taken off will she move into an office. Just like what I did right now on my new home – based business. There have been a number of ideas I thought in starting my own business but, I’d rather choose home-based business because I wanted to attend my daughter’s needs myself while managing our business. Not bad, balancing my job as a mother at the same time as a business owner.
  6. Men are better on technical backgrounds – engineering, programmers, scientists, etc. whereas women are into sales, marketing, business management, etc. Men are more physically strong than women, which is necessary for some professions.

Men could easily focus on one task, while I mentioned that women are multitaskers. It’s because women have more responsibilities at home than men, especially wives and/or mothers.

Men and women entrepreneurs mostly see the challenges they are facing in the same way. Men may be better in some aspects, while in some, women are better. They are both better in some ways, depending on what skills an individual possess. Apparently, women are better on baking, but a man on the other hand may be great baker as well.

How about you? What have you observed from men and women entrepreneurs? Share us your thoughts on the comments section below.


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