5 Ways to Discover Your Passion and Strengths

Starting a business is not as easy as we thought. And, I know that many of us are jealous of many successful entrepreneurs that have been an inspiration to many other successful entrepreneurs (to us). However, there are some people who are hard-working, with adequate resources and responsible to start their own business. But, why is it that they still don’t succeed on their line of the business?

The most important ingredient towards success is your own passion and strengths. When we do things we’re already good at, no matter how hard or challenge will come, we can easily get to the bottom of victory.

When it comes to the best way of risking your time, money, effort and ability, it’s the best to go through your passion and ultimate strengths. This ability is your gateway to success, even if you work hard and give your full effort, if it’s not what you love and it’s not what you’re good at, success is hard to chase and stress will always be your partner. So, you might be wondering on how to uncover your passion and strengths. Then let’s jump into everything and here are some ways to help you uncover your gateway to success.

  1. Feel and weigh your excitement. Whenever you get the chance of doing an activity you are truly good at and you love doing it, your excitement pops out. You feel extremely alive, motivated, energized and eager. It’s as if you’re going to die when you don’t immediately engage into that activity. Meaning the thrill is intense and you’ve been thinking of doing it again and again, which is necessary to build up your business.
  2. Measure your performance. In times when you engage into an activity where you’re really good at, you will stand out from crowd. Your approach is different to others. But, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that when you do things differently, you’re wrong. Because you are the only one who thought of doing the activity in a unique manner, and results the best because you perform at your best. So all you need to do is to always look forward and measure your performance, because it speaks about your passion and strengths.
  3. You’re not interested and never amazed with job titles. How many of you are creative enough to explore new roles to uncover your gift? Well, that’s one of the most important ways to determine your greatest ability. Engage into several activities, tasks and roles and experiment with it. Don’t rely on what you have now. Try something else, several of them, and see how it goes. If you feel boredom, unhappy and never been excited about it, then it’s simply not your passion and strengths.
  4. Watch out for people’s recognition. There are situations that others identify how good we are and that’s the only time we get to realize it. And, this is the time that people give you special connotation. In other words, your brand name – star engineer, great inventor, amazing investigator, deal-maker, top seller, and many special name that denotes your strengths and make sure to watch for it.
  5. Seek out a mentor. No matter how good you are, there’s nothing greater than a person who passes through time. A person which is not necessarily a senior but with excellent experiences, it may be success or failure. This is usually a person who knows you better than you do, and will absolutely help you discover your passion and strengths easily and instantaneously, because he / she has already various human interactions and have seen different human behaviors. The catch is he/she will help you go beyond your doors and get you unstuck because you’re mentor will help you realize things that you haven’t thought about it of who you really are and will widen your networks.

How about you? How did you discover your passion and strengths? Share us your thoughts at the comments section below.



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