Mass Development of Organic Agriculture and its Benefits

Organic products have been thriving in the market these days, since people have been too careful of their health due to various toxics present in our environment that could give us chronic diseases and illnesses. Sometimes even the chemical that farmers use on their agricultural products might affect our health. Organic products are foods that are produced using methods that don’t involve modern synthetic materials such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, organic products don’t undergo irradiation, industrial solvents or chemical food additives.

Many farmers have been practicing and maintaining organically grown farm products. Some to mention are in Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), La Union, Pangasinan, Ilocos Region and many more. When I was in college, some residents of Acop, Tublay, Benguet take their organic farm products in our school to present and trade their organic produce farm products to enlighten the students even the faculty and other staff about the important benefits of organically grown farm products and environmental conservation. And, at the same time, it is a program of the University to support the families of the said area while it is being developed as a training schedule for those who are interested in organic agriculture. While some people sell it to the market, some to specific places and to their friends and relatives to nearby municipalities and cities. Their goal is to produce healthy, environmental friendly and cost efficient farm products.

While reading manila bulletin, organic farm products was also talked about. It was Zac B. Sarian’s article entitled, “Developing Market for Organic Produce”. According to him:

The husband and wife team of Ramon and May Uy who are developing a 5.3-hectare agri-tourism destination and training center in Bacolod City have opened a market for organic produce.

This is at the frontage of their project – May’s Organic Garden & Restaurant along the national road in Pahanocoy, Bacolod City.

The sellers are given free space while the market is still new. Ramon Uy explains that he and his wife really want to promote production of organic farm products among families as an honest-to-goodness source of livelihood.

They didn’t just simply produce organic products, but establish a garden for it and at the same time people will get a taste of the organically grown crops at their own established organic restaurant. It isn’t just a restaurant, it is to promote and show the effectiveness and efficiency of it. The husband and wife have been developing the garden and restaurant to employ agri-tourism destination as well as a training center for people interested in organic agriculture and environmental conservation.

Why go for the organic farming than conventional farming? And why do many people spend too much time developing it, not just in mentioned areas but in many areas in the Philippines. Here are some benefits of organic farming and organic products.

  1. Organic farming can be very economical and helpful to farmers while they transfer their capital resources and skills to master the trade of their products at the same time as maintaining profitable results than conventional farming.
  2. According to research, organic farming methods can actually reduce production cost by over 25%. This is through getting rid of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, maintaining the natural and high involved soil nutrients good for the plants and claimed to minimize soil erosion by 50%. With these outcomes, soils can be used for decades to grow crops with natural micro nutrients.
  3. Organic farming is also good to wild animals that roam on pastures and graze on grasslands. When animals feed, especially when dairies feed on their cows with organic fields, the animals will have better health, less sickness, diseases and cows will ultimately produce natural, safe and better tasting milk for consumers. Not only does wildlife benefit, but entire ecosystem and ground water are improved by simply practicing organic farming.
  4. Organically grown farm products are free from harmful chemicals, artificial flavors and preservatives than non-organically grown products. And, it is said that organically grown products taste better and natural than conventional produced products.
  5. According to study, eating organic farm products may in fact reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes and cancer for individuals who continuously consume organic products and avoid non-organically grown products. It as well maintains the full nutrients present in the products produced in organic agriculture.

How about you? Is there someone you know practicing organic agriculture? Share us your thoughts at the comments section below.


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