7 Ways on How Young Entrepreneurs Build Credibility

Acquiring a good degree isn’t enough to establish credibility. You may be a business related graduate, with excellent records and claimed to have good business experience in school. But that isn’t enough, people these days don’t just rely on school credentials, what they look is good experience on work errands especially achievements, but is this really necessary?

Starting a business is not easy, and when you’re young and inexperienced, the challenge of building credibility is an added pressure. But, don’t let your age get in your way. There’s something very valuable in being young and not having an entrenched experience. How? Here are seven ways to establish credibility even as a young entrepreneur.

  1. Admit that you don’t know everything. Listen. Listen. Listen. Many young entrepreneurs pretend that they know and understand everything. You show confidence on something you really don’t know and then acting like you do. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with confidence, we need that, but admitting that you don’t know something and asking for help shows integrity and humility. Always accept senior’s ideas and advises, you might think of it as the traditional way but you may acquire better ideas from it and develop it for better results. Listening is a way of respect and to achieve respect.
  2. Speak only the truth. One best way of gaining credibility and trust is to always speak the truth and only the truth. People would easily trust and rely on people who are truthful. With that people will most likely listen and take you seriously. Of course the most important thing is to learn and know all about your business, products and services, so you can speak clearly and authoritatively about your business. And, knowledge isn’t enough; you need to be professional in dealing with your people and customers as well, and credibility will follow.
  3. Focus. Focus. Focus. In the early stages of business, many young entrepreneurs are most likely bombarded with lot of ideas and they thought of it as opportunities. Yes, there are various opportunities around, but what we need here is to FOCUS on what we got. We can’t be best at many things and we can’t manage well when we have varied ideas. That’s why we need to limit grabbing opportunities around us. We may have several but know your limitations and focus on one industry as much as possible.
  4. Invest on yourself. My professor in college repeatedly told us that garments are investment and not just simply luxury. How you dress yourself speaks of who you are. Corporate attires are somehow expensive, but a three pairs wouldn’t hurt. I tell you, dressing properly and professionally is your gateway to making business. Try to clean up yourself because people judge on how you look, how you dress along with how you speak. I am not saying that you need to buy expensive things to be presentable and professional, you don’t have to, but there are situations where you couldn’t go away with expensive things, if that happens and you really need it, then go on. But, if there are cheaper things, go for that as long as you dress yourself well and professional. What I’m just saying here is, invest to look good.
  5. Always comply with your promises. Building relationship with your clients in the early stages of your business will also establish credibility. How? Always give what you’ve promised, no delays and always deliver the right thing. Provide the quality product and services that your clients demanded and expected. Once you go beyond what you said you would do, people see that and share it with their family, friends and colleagues.
  6. Be honest, be yourself. Never ever claim something that is not actually true, or adding some spice on your business that is not actually present just to catch client’s attention. If you know some weaknesses of your business that might be a problem to your clients, feel free to tell them honestly and try to provide recourse for it. There will always be a remedy to any weakness you encounter, especially your business or product creation. Learn to be honest and acknowledge what you have so people would always believe you. But, you wouldn’t be honest to others when you aren’t even honest to yourself. Always be yourself, don’t let your age get in your way, thinking that people might not believe you because of being young. Be confident and show them that you are mature and smart enough to deal with them. Bottom line? As my professor in college, who happens to be our Dean, always says, “Best foot forward” – Focus on what you’re good at, give your best and age won’t matter.
  7. Establish online presence. Online presence is cheap and it’s a great way to show people what you got, what you can do and who you are. As a young entrepreneur, this is important because age doesn’t matter online. It would be easy to you as a young entrepreneur to reach out to other businesses, build relationships and links especially during early stages of your business. Who knows who can help you?

How about you? How did you deal being young entrepreneur?


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