Dog Hobby and Care that could Turn into a Business Venture

Since childhood I’ve been loving dogs, and they were my playmates before. I remember when I was a kid our family owns an “askal” as our house guard. It isn’t bad, they were sweet and really good house guard and it’s the most popular dog kind in the Philippines, since it doesn’t cost high or even free. But, that’s not what we’re talking about here. What I meant is most Filipinos (us) love dogs, right?

Me and my husband love dogs and because of that, we decided to adopt our own Labrador retriever three years ago. She was sweet, playful and beautiful dark yellow Labrador retriever. We actually just wanted to give our daughter a wonderful dog friend and companion. But, when our dog heat we tried to mate her with a good male Labrador retriever and she got pregnant. However, as we realized that we couldn’t take good care all of the eight puppies she delivered we decided to dispose all of them, since me and my husband both have different work errands at that time, and eight dogs are really big enough to take care of.

As we reach the ideal disposal age of the puppies, two (2) months, we decided to sell all of them. It wasn’t easy, but we were surprised how it turned out to sell all the puppies. The dogs have good Philippine Canine Club Incorporated (PCCI) records. They are both sire and dam with hall-of-fame and grand champion family line records that made us close all the deals easily.

Only then when we realize the business opportunity of the dogs. Now I know how passion could turn into business. Both of us have the passion of taking good care of dogs. We chose Labradors because of their reputation of very even-tempered breed and an excellent family dog, especially for children. They are intelligent, very easy-going and trusting with strangers therefore they are not suitable as guard dogs but very good and careful with children, especially with proper training with Dog Training San Francisco and tips on taking care of gods from eHome Remedies. The good thing is, Labrador retrievers aren’t hard to train with, though they are too playful, but very easy to deal with as well. They are indeed man’s best friend I say.

Many experts say that they aren’t good to be guard dogs, yes, they easily play with strangers. But I say, they are very helpful and dependable dogs as well because they will most likely defend their owners especially when they were hurt by anyone or anything.

We started our Dog Breeding Business this month with one hundred fifty thousand peso capital (P100, 000.00). The dogs, papers, cages, food, dog spaces, including play pens and other necessary equipment needed in taking good care of them. All of them are PCCI registered, including us of course. And we use all the best from in our process of taking care and breeding dogs.

If you think you can handle it why not go for dog breeding. A little piece of advice,there are several factors to consider in choosing big dogs. Do you have enough knowledge in taking good care of them? Or someone who could guide you all throughout your dog breeding process and care. Do you have enough space for them? Dogs needed spaces to exercise, at least enough space for them to run or walk around – play pen. You also need cages for all of them unless you have wide spaces for them to stay. Some would have at least 200 square meters of land only for their dogs. They don’t tie them or put them on cages, they are free to walk and run around, but they are well-trained and with enough security as well.

If you don’t have this enough space, at least prepare enough space for their play pen that they could walk and run around for their exercise routine. This is necessary to maintain their good health and physical features. And of course, spacious but not too wide cages for them to rest and sleep. But make sure that they don’t stay on their cages for too long, because they feel sad and depressed, especially so that Labradors want much attention. But, if you don’t want them to stay on cages better, make sure to train them properly, especially that Labradors are hyperactive for the first three years of their life. They behave like puppies and start to mature at the age of three or more. And, the most important factor, support of the whole family!

However, these considerations depend on what type of dog you’re going to breed. But, remember to breed one type of dog, several types could be costly. Proper evaluation of the needs of the dogs are needed in order to maintain them. They’re like us as well with varied needs. It isn’t easy, but it will as long as you love doing it, as I say why not turn your passion into business, it will work better than any other business you had thought of. And, with proper knowledge and willingness to learn success will chase you.

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