How to Get Genuine Feedback for your New Product

Offering new products to the market is not as easy as we thought. We thought that people are receptive to new ideas and products but not always. People these days are very careful on where would they use their money. They will always think using their money on something useful and worth it.

More often, we ask our family and friends to give feedback on our new product. Of course, they would gladly try it on and you would probably get some constructive and encouraging response. So, you think “Great, this is a huge catch for me!” You get too excited and amazed of how your new product turned out and starts to plan for everything. Ooops! Of course, these are your family and friends! Don’t be stilled into a false sense of security.

How would you generate genuine feedback? Here are some ways to acquire accurate reliable feedback even from your family and friends.

  1. Ask yourself. Before you jump into everything, have you ever asked yourself how your product presents? You are the first person that should provide the feedback. What do you think about the product? Focus and anticipate on the possibilities of the negative aspects. What would be good about it and what wasn’t? Then evaluate and validate this on some other people. If you have same negative comments, then try to improve it. Make sure to assess well the observation you have seen and the comments that will be given to you soon.
  2. Prioritize negative feedback. To get honest feedback, ask what isn’t good about the new product to your family and friends. Of course, this won’t be easy. They may be worried about hurting your feelings. But show them that their negative honest insights about the product will be helpful for the product’s development. Show them you’re not worried, it may free them to reveal their critiques. Their negative feedback are important on developing and improving your product. Make sure to evaluate and analyze well the information that they will provide you. Don’t worry, by showing that their feedback are important, they will surely help you develop and improve your product.
  3. Go beyond your field. After asking your family and friends, try to ask some people you don’t know – strangers. Again, seek for negative comments. This people may be friends of your family and friends. Sometimes, strangers are hard up to reveal honest and negative comments straight to your face. Well, that’s OK you could uncover some information thru their unspecified remarks. Or, try to do the same way you do to your family and friends to acquire the remarks you needed.
  4. Pay attention to non-verbal cues. One way to get honest feedback is to pay close attention to people’s gestures and body language. They may be saying it’s good but their gestures and body language say the other way around. Put this in mind, people may be interested if they ask for second try or taste of your product.
  5. Get them buy your product. It seemed easy, but after trying your new product, ask them to try it at home. People could have positive insight about your new product when they buy it. If not, don’t worry the product isn’t always the problem. Try some different prices, until you get people interested about the new product. Or some special offer to get them buy and try it on.
  6. Continuously attract, retain and maintain people. Well, offering new couldn’t be easy as we thought. The secret to people’s interest is to prioritize their needs and demands. Make sure to understand what you’re hearing and seeing from them. Pay close attention to everyday and different people’s verbal and non-verbal cues. If they see that they are important, their demands are given and they feel that they are taken care of, they will surely patronize you.

How did you acquire honest feedback on the market testing of your new products or services? Share us your stories on the comments section below.


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