What Business Would You Start with Your 1M Pesos?

Have you ever wondered wining instantly one million pesos? If not, why not envision right now winning instantly one million cash. Wow, winning that much at once is a great deal. Some may dream on winning the lotto pot price, some may just dream on winning 10k or a little bit higher, but no matter the amounts are, still it’s some giveaway money that many of us dreamed on.

In my case, winning one million pesos is a huge opportunity to open my own bistro, coffee shop or desert house. It’s my long-time dream to open such business and it could be possible with one million pesos. And, I will gladly and immediately invest the money on a business.

You might be wondering why start businesses immediately with a one million cash on hand. Some may think on making or develop their houses; some may invest on their children’s tuition, or whatever you have in mind. But, come to think of this, investing the one million pesos in a business is a huge opportunity. Yes, you might spend the whole million for it but you could as well double or triple it. As we always say, “Patience is a Virtue”. As to other investment such as house development, bank deposit with very little increase or buying cars that would only provide luxury, your money would just sleep. You invest the money now and spend with your demands later, better deal right?

Careful investment is essential these days. You must always think of a long-term purpose instead of a short-term success. Without proper analysis, who knows when we could have such money again? We experience inflation over and over again, and seldom they increase salaries and decrease sales even when inflation is gone.

A lot of Filipinos go abroad seeking better future. Who says there is no better future in our country? There are lots of opportunity around us, we just tend to ignore them and fail to believe it. However, there are some who believes on various opportunities but are afraid to fail. They don’t have the guts and confidence to pursue these various opportunities.

What about you? What business would you start with your One Million Pesos? Have you tried winning any amount of money and investing it on a business? Share us your stories and dreams because you might help us think on better ways to invest our money.


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