Business Opportunity with Recycled Displays and Giveaways

People nowadays aggressively stress out themselves to start their own business without enough financial requirements. Yes, this is people’s most predicament that prevents us to start our own business even with great skills. And, I say you may start your own business with very little or even zero capital. But, is it really possible to start business with very little or zero capital? It’s up to you, if you have the skills, passion and willingness it is possible. The question here is how?

You might have seen various creative displays and giveaways that could be useful as well – creative and innovative containers, cup coasters, covers and of course various designs of displays that could catch anyone’s attention  at your home place, work place, business areas, etc.

Well these days people [we] love trendy, sometimes classic but fashionable and creative items. We feel very comfortable, confident and sophisticated when we see stylish and fabulous stuffs around us. Yes, gorgeous items surrounding us would really endow with confidence and sophistication, all of us would love that.

You might have seen recycled items made from old magazines, newspapers, cigarette foils or any unused paper material that could craft creative displays and giveaways. They were paper folded in such a way that could craft creative displays and giveaways that you could offer to the market. With this, if you love making such stuffs or it’s one of your special skills why not make it your hobby and your business as well. You only need little or even zero capital to make your recycled displays and giveaways possible. Interesting right?

One time, I had attended a christening celebration of one of my nephews. It was a very organized celebration and was held at a prestige fine dining restaurant. But, what caught my attention was their celebration souvenir. It was unique and gorgeous, out of my curiosity I asked my cousin where they got it, and she told me that she made it.

The craft was made from old magazines along with cigarette foils for the shimmering effect. It didn’t look like it was made from neither glossy magazine papers nor cigarette foils because the crafting was really amazing. No one from the party ever thought it was home-made out of old magazines and cigarette foils as well because of the refined crafting and creativity.

The celebration souvenirs comprises of two designs. The first one was a unique style of a small coca-cola shape container with a beach hat like cover. The body was made from old glossy magazine papers, while the cover was made from cigarette foils. And, the second one was a display made from old glossy magazines as well. It was a basket like along with a crochet flower style on top. It is a simple yet elegant display.

The other item I had encounter such craft material was the green container at my featured image. The attractive container was given to my mother by one of her student’s parents about few years ago. They said it was hand-made and looking at it, it was made refined and creatively from cigarette packs and foils.

When, I visited Singapore, I saw some items on a various size and color very similar to the green container at my featured image. But the item I saw was hand-made as well but painted with various neon colors and to my shock it was sold SGD12.90.00 for the biggest size with around 4×6 dimensions and SGD5.90.00 for the smallest size with around 1×3. In Philippine Peso it could be an approximate of PhP387.00 for the biggest size while PhP177.00, using PhP30.00  for every SGD1.00.

It’s quite a price for hand-made products, right? And this is good news, if you could make such items, make them your business and you could open a small craft shop. Earn with your old unused magazines, newspapers, cigarette boxes and foils, and any other paper material you have at home. What do you think?


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