BPI’s Ka-Negosyo Opens their Doors to Growing Entrepreneurs

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) gladly introduce their all in one financial access to entrepreneurs, which is their newest financing facility that provides the easiest ways to help business enthusiasts and owners access their credit lines. It’s their “Ka-Negosyo Credit Line with ATM Card” that offers convenience and flexibility stand-by loan facility to entrepreneurs.

Many Filipinos these days are aggressive to opening their own businesses. It may be micro, small or medium enterprise as long as we started to manage and grow our own businesses is our utmost priority. We may have stable job, but we don’t want to stay as is, we’ve always wanted to develop our earnings especially that inflation is continuously rising. Many of us especially mothers (like me) wanted to stay home and look after our children, that is why we have home-based businesses and some wanted to be the boss or wanted to earn more. Whatever our reason is, we all wanted to have our own business.

We could have the all knowledge and resources of starting our business, only to realize we lack financial capital. Don’t worry, BPI answers our predicaments. According to Cedoy Roces, BPI Family VP and Head of Dealstruck Loans:

“In a quantitative research that we have conducted with Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the cities of Manila, Cebu, and Davao, we learned that entrepreneurs are more receptive to an all-in-one business financing product that includes both credit and debit features. Here at BPI Family, we stand by our commitment to make it easy for Filipino entrepreneurs to attain business success as we enhanced our products to meet their financing needs with the Ka-Negosyo Credit Line with ATM Card.”(source: MoneySense)

With Ka-Negosyo Credit Line with ATM Card, entrepreneurs can conveniently avoid hassles and stressing out themselves consuming more time making loans in banks and other lending institutions for unexpected financial requirements and investment opportunities. With Ka-Negosyo ATM card, we won’t be hard up procuring business supplies and other business necessities here and even abroad.

Convenience and flexibility are what BPI Ka-Negosyo Credit Line with ATM Card prioritizes. With all our daily requirements, BPI innovatively develop their offering to make it easier for entrepreneurs to access emergency funds. With another essential function ability of the card, clients can also pay their suppliers and bills via BPI Express Online, Express Phone and Express Mobile any time, any day and anywhere.

Roces adds, “We want to provide nothing but the best and convenient banking services for entrepreneurs. Now that we’ve made the BPI Family Ka-Negosyo Credit Line accessible through ATM Express Payment System transaction here and abroad, entrepreneurs can now process their Ka-Negosyo Credit Line transactions while they focus on their business activities whenever the opportunity arises.” (source: MoneySense)


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