3 Best Small Businesses in the Philippines

Filipinos are stressing out what business could still be great for them to start with, especially now that our market is bombarded with various businesses. I myself have been thinking of business ideas to put up. Well I have narrowed my list on the three best small business industries you could engage in.

1.       Food Industry

Filipinos love eating. Though we cook for ourselves but we tend to have family days and we go out and eat at a restaurant.  Even when you don’t have enough money or time, we still want a tasty meal. And, there are several food businesses that are uniquely positioned to provide it.

Food industry will never be out of the picture. Such businesses will continuously be successful especially when it provided safe, clean, quality service and tasty recipes. We know that there are various competitors around that you will encounter, but people won’t stick to a single restaurant. Every now and then, people will seek different style, ambiance and taste. And, if you would be able to catch people’s desires, success will absolutely chase you.

You don’t have to be big or fine dining restaurant to be successful. Sometimes, mobile food businesses could be as successful as a well established fine dining restaurant. Even though street food is enjoying resurgence, this is a tried-and-true business model that’s fed generations of eaters.

You may start with kiosks, food carts and concession trailers, food trucks, gourmet food trucks, mobile catering businesses and bustaurants. Some may be unfamiliar in the Philippines, but why can’t we start such?

 2.       Clothing and accessories

Look around you, people indulge themselves with fashion. We want to handle ourselves with confidence and sophistication through dressing at our best. Even with a down economy, we wanted to look fantastic. Or, even when we afford it, we wanted to be practical.

That is your winning catch. If you think you can handle it, why not open a low end or mid-level fashionable boutique. Clothing and accessories shop will always be a good opportunity. Some fashion maniac, do customized designs of clothing and accessories, they make their own design of clothing and accessories to cater customer’s desires. And, they usually stay in the fast growing market because they tag on trend and minimize old supplies.

All you need to do is to prioritize your customer’s needs and desires. Your customers are your key to success – give them exceptional deal and they will speak for you.

 3.       Computer and internet services

Everyone these days needs computer and internet services, especially for students. And, not everyone has their own computer or internet at home. Before, I even thought that having a computer shop is no longer feasible, but only now do I realize that not everyone has their own computer and/or internet at home.

At school, instructors would always send their notes, activities and class instructions through email. Even with student’s group activities, they communicate their works through email. People at work communicate organizational documents through email as well. They find some clients through internet and contact them through email.

There might be several gadgets that provide the simple functionality of it, and there are several Wi-Fi outlets as well – even at a coffee shop or malls. But, still people couldn’t get away from computer and internet services due to soaring needs. Especially so that today we are inclined with the internet services. We do our researches, we connect to our family and we communicate with other people through internet.

If you think you can handle it, why not open your own. Computer and internet services business is still a good opportunity for you. Of course, you don’t just put up your business. You need to do some research and assessment. You have to pick a good spot, keep an eye on competition so you could at least gain benefits from their marketing efforts, and have a good quality and consistency of internet connection.

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