Love Fashion? Start Your Own Small Boutique Business

I know this is not being new to you. But yes, it would still be a great business to start with. Trend these days are creative, mix and matching fashion galore. Everyone wants themselves to dress at their best, with confidence and with sophistication. It might be simple yet elegant. And being fashionable doesn’t need to be expensive and branded; we might even wear our old clothes or our sister’s old outfit and might be our mother’s clothes. Funny but I say, being fashionable doesn’t have to be luxurious all we need to do is to unleash our creativity. Some even go shopping at a preloved items store or for us Filipinos we call it “ukay-ukay”. Why not, you could even see new items, surplus items or with good condition but are company defective products – design defect, manufacturing defect or marketing defect, just to have something elegant and worthy of our money. Well, practicality is not a sin it is an attitude of making things work.

I remember having some of my sister’s old clothes, she is more than a decade older than me but her old clothes are trendy and yes it is old but it doesn’t look one and it really fits the current fashion. I still have it, it is amazing and I love wearing it. Alright enough of the talks, what do I mean by all of these?

I meant this is a great opportunity. If you love mixing and matching trendy items and you know it is really your own amazing potential, then this could work on starting your own small boutique business. You dress fashionable and you earn from it, nice deal right?

Just choose few trendy items, use your mannequin to show the outfit you’ve created together with the accessories that goes with it. And, tad a… you might be surprised on how your friends or walk-in people react on it

There are few options for this. First, you offer new trendy items and do the creative mix and matching of your chosen garments together with your chosen accessories as well – hats, scarves, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. You don’t need to start from bulk of supplies, just acquire those you think are stylish and time will say that you already need to acquire various items. You might offer items from unbranded or low end and mid-level materials but elegant or branded items such as coach, forever 21, cotton on, etc. depending on your target audience. If you think high-end products could work in your place, why not offer some?

One other option for you is to create your own fashion. This is quite fulfilling, since you get to offer your own creation. You create your own design and style of clothes and accessories, and you get to create your own brand as well.

Last option could be offering preloved or slightly used branded products and even high-end products with a little bit of twist. Some sell their products on facebook, you might do this as well but establish your stylish and cozy boutique. Using some of your mannequin, you mix and match your branded items – Christian Louboutin, Sam Edelman, Juicy Couture, Louis Vuitton, Channel, Gucci, etc. whatever branded items you are able to acquire. Then, add some accessories to blend with your items. Your accessories could be new but if there are pre-loved accessories as well, why not. You could even add some of your slightly used items that you seldom or didn’t use for a long time.

It is up to you to decide. Just unleash your innovativeness, creativity and hard work to establish your own trendy and cozy business venture. Have you thought of other ways of creating a boutique business?


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