6 Effective Ways to Catch Customer’s Attention

People are usually receptive to new ideas. They are easily impressed with something they have never seen yet before. That is the most important a marketer or an entrepreneur must consider. Creating new, functional, practical and highly quality product ideas or innovations would turn your life upside down; a great success. All you have to do is think beyond your thoughts, what does people need that would make them convenient? That would make them comfortable? That would make life easier? All of these questions must always keep into your mind, be ambitious and widen your creative imagination. There are various resources out there that even without spending too much would create a great impact to your business, and you might be surprised as well on how it would generate great sales. These are several ways to catch customer’s attention and generate more sales.

  1. Touch screens and other gadgets. Touch screens are a growing part of the shopping experience, and they’re becoming more sophisticated. Have a gadget displayed on a convenient place that will compare your different product specifications and their location on the store, which would cater to different needs of people. They wouldn’t be hard up looking what they want, all they need to do is to check your gadget and find the products they really wanted. From your product lists provided, they would just simply choose and wouldn’t bother looking around your shop.
  2. Interactive mirrors. This gadget provides great deal. For instance in a fashion boutique, shoppers either hold up or try on an outfit, then step in front of the mirror, which displays recommended accessories and their location in the store. Looking at themselves and offering great pairs for their choices would absolutely encourage them purchase more than what they’re planning on by simply looking at your interactive mirrors and be surprised by the results of it.
  3. Old cars to great new retail space. There are a lot of car models which are already out of the market and already been faced-out, if you own one of them and still have it, why not create it into a special retail shop, a little renovation, design, etc. and it would look unusually catchy. And be surprised on how people would be amazed on your creativity.
  4. Old cargo-shipping container as your new retail space. Stressed out of expensive leasing space? Why not try to set up your shop inside a large, refurbished steel shipping container. People find ways on how to minimize their expense on retail space and here it is, instead of spending too much on a more expensive and traditional retail space, go get some old cargo-shipping containers, reuse and design it to make it presentable that would serve as your new retail space. This idea is inspired from various foreign small business enthusiasts who have turned old cargo shipping containers into their own retail space, restaurants, etc. You wouldn’t spend too much on constructing your space using, cement, woods, several constructing materials, labor and time, just simply redesign a cargo shipping container and you already have your own.
  5. Animal poop to organic fertilizer. Chicken dung has been long time fertilizer around Philippines. If you are into poultry, use other resources that could be useful – chicken poop. It doesn’t cost much money and effort yet productive. Especially that people would prefer organic fertilizer than formulated ones. Organic fertilizer wouldn’t destroy the nutrients brought by the soil, it would let it stay natural and it wouldn’t cost too much money on you as well. Or, you might start planting your own, and use your chicken poops!
  6. City/Provincial Tours. Tourism has been generating sales and been helping economy rise for several decades. One that could help more is the sightseeing tours which have been popular to several countries. This came into my mind because when I was in Singapore we tried their land and sea adventure: Duck Tours which shows us around the main city of Singapore. It is indeed an effective service. Well, in our place, there are several ways we could travel around the city, but why not make it creative as such? For instance in Ilocos Region, they are known for their “kalesa” (horse and carriage). There are some in Metro Manila before as well. While on other provinces they use the horse or carabao. I remember in Middle East, specifically in Dubai they tour people around using their camel, etc. These ways would excite people and attract more tourists. How about in your place?

Unique ideas are mostly ones that made business enthusiasts successful. It might not be an idea; it could be product innovations that have not yet been on the market. Do you have any other odd or unique way of doing business? Share us and let’s talk about it!


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