5 People you must be Aware at Your Organization

People’s attitude are sometimes cannot be controlled nor influenced especially ones with strong personality. Even on a business area, these people would still unleash their different attitude that sometimes might devastate the organization’s work or other individual’s works and emotions. Among these are the following that you must be aware of.

  1. Pessimistic – These are people who always think of the negative matters. They don’t posses sufficient confidence and trust to themselves and to their organization’s capability. They may be ignorant and afraid to take risks, and would prefer to stay the conventional way – sometimes referred to as “hidebound people”. Or, close-minded people, who are unreceptive to new ideas. People with this kind of attitude especially with our senior colleagues or partners would not agree with new ideas unless presented with great and successful results. Though, their opinions would still be essential, but if you really think that you might have a great catch on your idea, then stick to it and defend it.
  2. “All Knowing” Man – These individual would usually speak the “I know” phrase, though you have just mentioned or presented the idea, they would always interrupt you and would boastfully tell you “I already know that”, “I know what you’re talking about…blah…blah…”, “that’s simple I already did that…blah…blah”, etc. Don’t be surprised with these people and try to ignore them. Or, you might want to let them talk about it and elaborate it further, so they themselves would discover they really don’t know everything. Be reminded that the “shut up” phrase wouldn’t work for them, why? Because they would relentlessly present their idea and keep interrupting you, so the only solution is to give them the floor and let them do their thing and after their arrogant speech present your proposal. I’m sure your colleagues are already used to their attitude so don’t stress out with these kinds of people.
  3. Spoiler – These people are usually quiet while at the meetings or in front of you. They seem to be good listener while at the back of their mind, speaking how bad you’re ideas are, how bad you talk or how bad your works, etc. They are usually referred to “back-fighter” as well. They would also gossip things to other colleagues or other people about the weakness of your organization, which is incredibly awful. So, you might want to watch out with these individuals and find a better way to talk to them.
  4. Down Grader – These people usually are your superiors or the bosses, but they may sometimes be your colleagues as well that would down-grade your works. It seems that all the things that you do are off beam and they would usually criticize it. Well, don’t get disappointed or discouraged, they would just want great works eradicated so their own works would stand out or wouldn’t be rejected. In other words, they are afraid of other people getting on their way. So, all you have to do is to ignore and avoid them. Whatever they say just skip it up on your ears. Don’t get bothered on them and just stay out of them.
  5. The Opportunist – If the spoiler would throw words on you at your back, then these people might do it as well, only that they may do some freaky things such as sabotaging your works. Well this is worse. With their attitude being the best and always the best, they wouldn’t accept smart and creative ideas and works from other people. Intelligent and creative individuals would be threatening to them the tendency is to let you out of the picture. Others would befriend you and attain your trust. Then eventually destroy you. Others might just be out of your company, but do terrible things on you. While, others would look innocent, they would establish the “least suspect” personality, as if they wouldn’t do any terrible things to anyone, only to know they are the worst individual. These kinds of people are hard to deal with, you might want to talk to them or just avoid them.


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